I need a repair of my Jensen 8.5 overhead DVD Player. It was installed by Circuit City in 2008

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I need a repair of my Jensen 8.5 overhead DVD Player. It was installed by Circuit City in 2008

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  1. James Augustus

    DVD players occasionally create troubles for users. You can fix them at home if you have basic knowledge about its repairing and cleaning. Some of problems need replacing of few parts whereas many are those problem which can be easily fixed at home without spending much amount money. For repairing you must have basic repairing tool kit and DVD player cleaning kit.
    Sometime your DVD player has no issue. It does not work because of plugging in improperly or because of poor wire circuit. In case of finding any issue there, first you need to resolve it. For that check all the wires and switches to fix. So it is better to make sure that your DVD player is plugged in properly and there is no problem in your wire circuit. If you find them OK then there is possibility of problem in your DVD player. For that:
    Unscrew the DVD player cover with s***w driver and place it aside from the device. Now Lift the clamp for your convenience to expose DVD player lens to clean.
    Now turn on your air blower to remove the dust from the lens and from other part of the inside of the DVD player. This process is for cleaning your DVD player. I recommend you to clean your DVD player regularly even when working properly to avoid build up.
    Now put the DVD player housing at its place by using the screwdriver. Now plug in and turn on your DVD player to test your repairs. I hope this will help you a lot. Good Luck!

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