I need a movie title

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There is an old movie I saw on AMC at least seven years ago and have been searching for it ever since. I was only able to watch the ending but I have been dying to find it. It is a classic old romance between a wealthier young lady and a poor coal miner. In the end, she leaves him and makes him promise to call her if she ever needs him. The mine ends up caving in and both of his hands are severely burned and thus all bandaged up. He eventually does try to call her but cannot dial the phone because of his hands so he trashes his place. She, of course, finds out about what happened and comes to him. The ending is perfectly sappy.

If you could help me figure out which movie this is, I would be in your debt forever!!!

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  1. John


    Sorry, but that does not sound familiar. My suggestion is that you can visit Classic Movies Forum, as there is a huge collection of old and new movies and see if anybody there can help you out. Go here and just get the movie you like.

    if you are not a member, you will need to register with a name and password before you can ask a question. I hope this will help you indeed. If still have some confusion in mind then you can also check out classic movies.

    You can also check out Classic Movies

    Good luck!


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