I need a REAL Mermaid Spell!! Help me please!

by Guest610023  |  12 years, 1 month(s) ago

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Hi, Im 12 1/2 about to turn 13. I believe in mermaids so much...And i really wanna become one..I did the Insouciant spell and im pretty sure i said the spell wronge...Or i did say it right but idk im not sure. And i THINK it is working..But just in case i need so MORE working spells to try out. But if you have something bad to say about MY DREAM dont say anything at all as long as i believe in them i dont need anyone elses opinion. And thanks for all your help if you answer me. (:P

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  21. Guest24825287

     Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but before you stop reading hear me out! There is no spell to turn you into a mermaid you have to befriend a mermaid (fresh water) up a river some where and just befriend them and after 2 months ask them to turn you but leave abit of your human body (so your half and half) then you will start to cross your legs (I would say don't cross them from the theigh but by the anckle to avoid varicus veins when your older) Then you will be a mermaid when wet and a human when dry.

    The hard part is to find a mermaid try looking for a cave or loads of rocks covered by trees and plants

    WARNING: Don't straight away ask them to turn you mermaids can be evil ;)

  22. Guest24772006

    u can say:magic spirits of the sea i would like a tail not 2 feet beuty upon me fish all kind let me see when im finish in the sea when im dry my feet back 2 me.

  23. Guest24589771

     aqui tengo unos cuantos hechizos espero que les sirva :

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    -Chafa las plantas.
    -Coge un poco de tierra blanca, i marrón.
    -Mezcla en un bote con agua las plantas.
    -Déjalo reposar y, entonces, mételo en el congelador.
    -Cuando este bien congelado, te lo pasas por las piernas.
    -Toca el agua, cuenta hasta diez, i chaaf, cuidado! Serás sirena!! O Tritón!! SUERTE, solo los que creen deberás, se convierten...


    hechizo 2:   

    Elementos que se necesitan

    ·         Diciendo que en el baño con la puerta cerrada

    Dice: El agua de la naturaleza habla a mí, el agua de la naturaleza que la tierra vengan a mí, el agua de las criaturas del mar y la naturaleza I, nunca nos dejará cada uno hasta que me doy de baja, los grandes océanos Oh, Oh, los grandes mares, Anwer mi quiere responder a mis necesidades, me hacen una sirena.


    hechizo 3:   Un ser humano cuando está seco, una sirena cuando está mojado, y tienen una potencia de () y tienen una cola el color de la () a un ser humano cuando está seco, una sirena cuando está mojado, las agallas no son necesarios, sólo un gran aliento, que dura 30 minutos, un ser humano cuando está seco, una sirena cuando está mojado, mal que mi poder, y la cola en una semana, mal que mi cola, un minuto después de estar mojado, cuando se moja un Mermaide cuando está seco, un ser humano, la lluvia no importa, no me puede cambiar, pero una gota de agua cualquier otro. Recuerde que no afeitarse o la cera las piernas! Usted también necesitará una pieza o de joyería, que significa mucho para ti! Y recuerde, no tome su joyería de trabajo o el hechizo no! Sólo CREE! y cuando haya terminado con la sequía de immidiatley y comer algo salado! Efectos secundarios : Piernas cambiar al color que usted escogió Dolores de cabeza Dolores de estómago Dizzyness descamación de la piel picor piernas, hormigueo, sensación de mareo vio todas las agallas de tiempo (más probable es que alrededor del cuello o en los lados ) Piernas que te quieras quedar juntos / cruzados constante sed Deseo cambios de humor de sal el deseo de tocar / que en los sueños sirena de agua / Visiones símbolo estallidos cambios aleatorios en erupción de color dependen del agua para hacerte feliz Sentirse débil cuando el pelo tocar el agua se reduce el crecimiento (por ejemplo, se mucho tiempo en volver a crecer el pelo, se afeitó / cortar / encerado)

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  25. Guest24537834

     hi umm i am a very strong mermaid believer i to am trying to become one andi heard that making your own works pretty well but just in case u cant figure it out here is mine that i made up...


    -touching water

    -must have a symbol (bracelate,necklace,ect...)

    -you CAN shave legs

    -it should happen at mid-night  if not thenm it was proformed wrong


    -you cannot tell anyone but those you abselutely trust/love

                                                         the spell:

    the full moon will bring me joy the sun will bring me legs a human when dry a mermaid when wet and the tail color of ()and the power(s) of () at the struck of mid-night tonight so mote it be it takes ten seconds to grow a fin but nobody will know except for those i trust and who could i trust more than you so great neptune and all others grant me my wish please,and i will be forever gratefull

  26. Guest24247024

     hi everyone i believe in mermaid so much i really wanna be one can someone tell me a easy spell that i can turn into a mermaid and when i wanna be a human then i can say another spell

    thanks love Amber 

  27. Guest24233323

    first think carefully and think hard clear your mind and make you the most powerful spell and put hope in it but first put salt in water and put your spit in the water or your blood and when you thought of a spell get some jewerly or a sea shell bracelet and were it while your doing it but it really is gonna work if you say it 2 times on a full moon good LUCK


  28. Guest23960163

     hi i believe in mermaids to! i have a couple questions though ok so i heard that spells are bad is it true? and are any of you mermaids and plz dont lie me and my friend tried a spell and we really really want to become one well we want to become one so that we are humans when we r dry and mermaids when wet so if you have any spells that work any saqfe spells can you please give it to me thanks 

  29. Guest23949988

    why cant i be a mermaid its almost my bday and ive tryed spell after spell i need one that really works

  30. Guest23781380

    Ok ppl heres three spells for ya ok.

    mermaid mermaid turn me into one as fast as you can but human when dry mermaid when wet plz give me a tail and also powers because mermaids rule. 1 time

    please make me a tail from weighst to toe but make sure ive got to give me a sign any sign make my tail I( color u want ) my pawer shall be my tails life my powetr is ( power you want ) but please give me legs when i am not wet i am in bath or sea give me my tail say it 4 times

    say 2times holy spiret of the sea make me what i wish to be a mermaid wiches all give ur power to me.

    i would do number 2 first. If u want to ask me anything anything at all email me @

  31. Guest23514398


    hey if you want a spell that works here is one trust me i tried it and it worked i got a pink tail and i got 3 powers 1 is heating, making things move, and controling the weather. here is the spell eye of the ocean eye of the sea mermaids if you can here me listen to me i want a tail the color of _ and powers i want _, _, _ so mermaids if you can here me grant me my wish so mote it be. now you have to say it 1 time while wearing a symble and you have to say it on the full moon while the moon is out and it is looking at you. you dont have to be wet just your fett or hands dont matter.

  32. Guest23214722



  33. Guest23120357

    I want to be a mermaid ssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddd

  34. Guest23038170

     Heyyy guyz, I wanna be mermaid really bad 2, I just tried the Insouciant Inclemency spell in the shower, but I added some of my own twists so that it wasn't a curse. Duude, here's da realllllyyy freaky part: okay, so ya know how the spell I used is supposed 2 take, like, a month for the tail, and like, 3 weeks 4 the side effects 2 start popping up....... yeah, not 4 me. the back-half of my right leg is um... well, a strange shade of green (?). Annnnnddd...... my legs keep on getting sorta crampy :/ YAY!!!!

  35. Maria

    <br><br>make a wish:<br><br>

  36. Guest22741414

     hi,am  10 and turning 11 i wona be a mermaid so badly i wona try the spell but i go swiming with my class every monday  so that waths stops me....

  37. Guest22652475

    First say in the bath and you only turn into a mermaid when you touch water.SPELL:Memaid's Of the sea or evan merman's of the sea,When i touch water make my legs turn into a tail my toes into a fin.please oh lord neptune of the under deep make me a mermaid when i touch water.SIDE AFFECTS:nausea,itchy legs,irratatin toes but the side affects last for two days. good look :o)

  38. Guest22616811

    spell:Glass af the sea shine upon me.Eye of the ocean grant me with fins.Make me a MERMAID,human no more,away from the shore.Now im fianally free to escape humanity-you have to say it ten times and you need a sumbol (aka)jewerly, something that like mabe a ring or a necklace or bracelet 

  39. Guest22616806

    spell:Glass af the sea shine upon me.Eye of the ocean grant me with fins.Make me a MERMAID,human no more,away from the shore.Now im fianally free to escape humanity-you have to say it ten times and you need a sumbol (aka)jewerly, something that like mabe a ring or a necklace or bracelet 

  40. Guest22586607

    hey i want to be a mermaid also and i know a spell but its kinda hard.if your i real mermaid your breath under water.And if your not and you want to become one step one get a mermaid costom.step two go on the water.step three get the thingthat helps you breath under water.stay there for a couple of days or hours then take the thing that helps you breath off.then see if you can breath under water.if it doesnt work im sorry but you can not become  a mermaid.i did it and it worked on me now everytime i take a bath and put my head in the water i could still breath.its so cool if you see it.i have the most great feeling when i do i hope it works on you!:] Good Luck

  41. Guest22527339

    hey gdyga here and um srry bout the fake name!! ummm if u want to be a mermaid touch water and say this: ( whatever spell ) srry that means that u make up a spell sooooooo then u go to sleep and then in ( depending on when u say it ) then at least 1 or 2 weeks??uhhh sooo ya.....

  42. Guest22514689

    hi guest17262389 you are a genius it wook my sister and mum dont belive im a mermaid

  43. Guest22511630

    hi im 9 and i have spells that work here thay are

    insouciant inclemency redoudtale mediocracy refutable humanity make me what i wsh to be A MERMNMAID witches one witchesall give me this power to me when human dry when mermaid wet 

    hop it whorks

  44. Guest22443526
    go its freekin amazing!!! lol there are mermaid spells and soraya spells she has a real book, i have read all about her and soraya. me and britaz allways e-mail  each other...  itsssss soooooooooo amzin...
  45. Guest21863891

    Hi, I am Marcia Haynes i am a vincentain who resided in canada for atleast 12 yrs and i am married with 2 children. i personally think that mermaids are fake fantasies to stimulate the young minds of children.

  46. Guest21705751

    heh does anyone know if snow/rain affects you? i need to know before i try one of the above spells cause ilive in colorado and here it snows ALOT

  47. Guest21659941
    Make a wish"" title=" wishes " name=" wishes "" alt=" wishes " title=" wishes "/ wishes
  48. Guest21092201
    ill find you some dont worrie.:P.
  49. Guest20826394
    has anyone tried doing Guest907455's spell and have it work?i did it but i don't know if it's working or not
  50. tamarahmsmith
    hi Guest17262389 you know the spell it work whooooo
  51. Guest20721723
    hey Guest17262389 you know the spell yeah well it worked i am at queensland hope its good because i went in my pool and poff i was one now yay. thanks
  52. Guest20721723
    hey Guest17262389 you know the spell yeah well it worked i am at queensland hope its good because i went in my pool and poff i was one now yay. thanks
  53. Guest19870540
    get a shell and fill it with water the shell can be any size stick you finger up your butt and drink the water from the shell(sorry!)
  54. Guest19870540
    get a shell and fill it with water the shell can be any size stick you finger up your butt and drink the water from the shell(sorry!)
  55. Guest19284126
    im lookin for the same thing too but if u go to they have a lot of spells u can use or go to or so i hope you find a real workin spell P.S.I beleive too and i hope i find one :)
  56. Guest19244444
    Go to I did and my feet r getting itchy and liittle green things r falling off. :O Surprise rite!!!!???? :)
  57. Guest18677916
  58. Guest18148836
    i do belive in them and if anyone has relly gud ones send them to me at
  59. Guest17745389
    OMG me too I did the same spell and im not quite 12 1/2 but gettings there!!!! What have been your side effects?
  60. Guest17262823
    my cuz is a mermaid her parents do not know i am still want to know when i know i will give it to u
  61. Guest17262389
    well i try a mermaid spell it is real no lie side effects nausia ,ichylegs,feet together etc .say Mermaid Mermaid turn me into one as fast as you can but human when dry mermaid when wet plz give me a tail and also powers because mermaids rule . ok it will take 1 or 2 days according when u say it you just have to take a bath or shower and poof u are a mermaid me and my cuz is a mermaid
  62. Guest16648777
    your best bet is to make your own spell a short 1 though and repeat it 4 time in your bath or even the sea aslong as you've got salt in there. DONT TAKE A PIC OR VID OF YOUR SELF I DID IT AND I LOST MY TAIL!!!! but i have got it bk now the spell i used was. please make me a tail from weighst to toe but make sure ive got to no give me a sign any sign make my tail (wat colour u want) my power shall be my tails life my power is (wat u want r power 2 be) but please give me legs when i am not wet when i am in the bath or the sea give me my tail. x4 your power can be telekanicis, controling water, bringing sea animals 2gether, freezing water, heatsing water, controling wind, controling lighting, freezing anything in front of you, reading mindes, breething more than 5 days, taling to sea creature and having long hair to brush. my lovely tail is aquamarine and my power is telekanisis. the side affects are itchy legs, pain in legs, wanting to swim, going in water, brushing your hair and wating to try out r powers. you also need a symbol anything on your upper body (braclet, nose ring, belly botton ring, neclace and earings ect.) dont lisen to any1 if they say mermaids dont exist they do i meen i am a mermaid arnt i and i am loving it b shur 2 say that u want a tail when wet and 2 feet when drie otherwise you may become a mermaid 4eva and its not cool belive me my m8 did it and i never see her exept summer at the beach on saturdays. btw do not i repet do no tell you perants or gardians i meen friends are ok or people you dont no like on the internet ok the best thing 2 do is dont let your mam or dad or gardians go in the bathroom or the sea or sumwer u are other wise the spell will not work anymore and that isnt wat you want. i now have long gordus hair i am 12 years old i have had my tail since i was 4 years old i lost it when i just turnd 6 years old i am almost 11 years old. thanks 4 reading i hope i helped u out and i will answer any questions just post them on here love you people
  63. Guest16585292
    mermaids mermaids hear my call mermaids mermaids hear my plead I wish to become a mermaid when I touch water please, A human when dry a mermaid when wet. If I am whearing this bracelet and I touch water I will not become a mermaid. If lost for more than a hour my tail will not appear my next shower. So magic spirits of the deep I would like a tail and not 2 feet. Moonlight moonlight you make me want to scream moonlight you make me want to beam. Holy sprit of the sea make me what I wish to be a mermaid With the tail colour of ( your fave colour) and the power of ( what you want your power to be) magic shells of the sea please ask the mermaids to grant this wish to me I will be loyal I will understand please try to convincethem this has been my wish because this has been my wish. Instructions: put any part of you in water and say this spell put a tsp of salt in the water that you are useing. Side efects: itchy legs, loveing being in the bath and loveing swiming and wanting to do it more oftin. . . But I am not shure if it works I just tried it but I have some of the side efects.
  64. Guest16577828
    well there are actually spell sites that have mermaid spells on them.ok look im only 10 so ive checked so many out its crazy.all i did was google it.thats actually how i got try your luck on yohoo or whatever and see if anything turns up.
  65. Guest16314802
    hiya im called caitlin fox and im a girl i have a spell for u say this 10 times holy spiret of the sea make me wat i wish to be A MERMAID wiches all give ur power to me u have to be in the bath whenever u say this or eles it wont work after u say that 10 times u have to be a mermaid nex time u tuch water
  66. Guest16312340
    hi i have another spell i think : magic spirits of the deep here me cry i want a tail not two feet human when dry mermaid when wet i want the tail colour to be () and my power to be (). say three times hope it works !
  67. Guest16291627
    hi im caitlin fox and i really want to become a mermaid if u have eney REAL answers please email me at think u sooooooooooooooooooooo much and please i dont want lies
  68. Guest16077590
    yeah mermaids ARE real there wonderful creatures ive done a spell and ive have 3 side effects so far im so excited this is da' spell:insouciant inclemency redoubtable mediocracy refutable humanity make me what i wish to be A MERMAID witches one witches all give this power to me:say it 10 times it take a month for the tail and two months for the power btw you nedd to be touching water whilst doing it and wear a special charm on the top part of your body side effects:legs changing colour stomachaches coughing fits in water hold you breath for longer singing better the urge to drink water legs sticking together and WARNING:DO NOT I MEAN NOT LOOK AT THE FULL MOON AFTER DOING THE SPELL YOU WILL REGRET LOOKING AT IT GOOD LUCK!!
  69. Guest16069100
    mermaids are real and if u dow belive me go on real mermaids and click on the one thats got her hands out if at the start it isnt purple and thir tellin u about it then u are on the wrong 1 youtube ohh and if u wanna e-mail me go on ok
  70. Guest16023492
    go on to guest16021365 she really needs your help go her!!!! she sounds desperate!!!!!! give her some answers
  71. Guest16023492
    go on to guest16021365 she really needs your help go her!!!! she sounds desperate!!!!!!
  72. Guest16023492
    go on to guest16021365 she really needs your help go her!!!! she sounds desperate!!!!!!
  73. Guest15857153
  74. Guest15365852
    ok peoplez um its 8:43 and im about to take a shower and see wat happends well im a gett some water first so ya
  75. Guest15362481
    Hi my name is marina Im 11 & I live in colorado I do believe in mermaids, but ive tried everything to become one but noting works nd I cant buy a tail they are all so expencive can anyone tell me how to make some money 4 one? my e-mail is please put mermaid tail in the subgect box so i know that its for me.
  76. Guest15338447
    alright peoples im gonna do all of these spells and im going to give people the results if i have any side effects so far so keep looking on this page my name is aiyana and im 14 years old and im goin to give u the people results so ya ugh if somthin goes wrong ima keep u guys updated man this is goin to be a odd night and ya ps no negative comments thats just rude so if u dont like wat im about to do dont say any thing cuz tats disrespectful so back the F off but to all the belevers well wish me luck yaaya
  77. Guest15306474
    Hi I've read alot of spells on the internet I wanna be a mermaid as well REALLY BADLY so I read this one im not sure it works srry i havent tried it but here's how it goes: insoosient inclemensey redowtable mediocrazy refewtabl humanitee make me what i wish to be A MERMAID witches one and witches all give this power to me wen u say it u hav 2 be wet no matter wat u will also need a symbol u know a piece of jewelry u luv it has to be a ring/bracelet/neclace so that u can c it wen u r a mermaid if u take it off for more than 2 hours in total u will lose ur powers or the spell wont work also if ur parents know then u will lose ur powers 4EVER also dont say the spell while looking at the full moon or else something really bad will hapen also on full moons u will lose ur powers 4 4hours before getting them back i heard it really works
  78. Guest14653587
    Ow my mermaid side effects are alreay coming headaches my legs want to be to together so bad!
  79. Guest14653587
    Make your own spell of course i did it but im still waiting for it too come by sunset P.S i went online to find answer
  80. Guest14653587
    Make your own spell of course i did it but im still waiting for it too come by sunset P.S i went online to find answer
  81. Guest14068794
    I wish I knew me. I tried the spell you tried as well, but it didn't seem to work for me. It also tried 2 other spells, and made one up myself, but still nothing happened. Sorry!
  82. Guest14057561
    im already a real mermaid and my family its really fun so the ppl who say they are fake ur wrong
  83. Guest14010167
    i want to be a mermaid
  84. Guest13882198
    just say a speell ill tell you when i have one
  85. Guest13621167
    hiya i belive in mermaids 1 bad thing:I GO SWIMMING WITH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!!!!! btw go to and within 8 days u will become a MERMAID
  86. Guest13421854
    Well i believe in Mermaid's and have done the insocient spell and its working..i've had side affects =) Lol ..x
  87. Guest13384319
    THE SPELL: A human when dry, a mermaid when wet, and have a power of () and have a tail the color of () a human when dry, a mermaid when wet, gills are not needed, just a big breath, that lasts 30 minutes, a human when dry, a mermaid when wet, ill get my powers, and tail in 1 week,ill get my tail, one minute after being wet, when wet a mermaide when dry, a human, the rain does not matter, it cannot change me, but a drop of any other water will. Remember not to shave or wax your legs! You will also need a peice or Jewelry, one that means a lot to you! And remeber,do not take your Jewelry of or the spell wont work! Just BELIVE!! Side Effects: Legs changing to the colour you picked Dizzyness Headaches Stomachaches peeling skin Legs itching , tingly , saw feeling sick all the time Gills ( Most likely around neck or sides ) Legs wanting to stay Together / Crossed Constant Thirst Craving Salt Mood swings Wanting to touch / be in water Mermaid Dreams / Visions Random Outbursts Symbol Changes color Rash Rely on water to make you happy Feel weak when touch water Hair decreases growth ( ex. takes a long time to grow hair back , shaved / cut / waxed
  88. Guest12765360
    ok that is so me except i am only 10 but i really want to be a mermaid!!! it has been my dream since i was 3 yrs old and i don't care what anyone says about it. heres a recipe that i haven't tried out but i got i it of the web and i think it might work. I HOPE it works!!! from Skye P.S. i am going to try it out. For the MERMAID spell, you must mix a pinch of salt, 5mg of cinnamon, an ounce of maple, and a teaspoon of baking soda. After this is done, boil it at 100 degrees Celsius. When it boils, take it outdoors, and mix in 1 droplet or so of vinegar.When the fizz dies down, let it evaporate and breath heavily until it has completely evaporated. You should have inhaled a fair amount, and you will now become a mermaid when submerged in salt water and near the Gulf of Mexico. Also, there is a 10% chance that this spell is incompatible with your body. Hope this helps! Her is another one 4 you The following ingredients are needed to cast Mermaid spell water you (This spell is very special use it only if you absolutely want it more than anything. This is a permament spell even the removing spell. Thank you fellow covens.) Juz say this while in the water: As i lay here in this water, I conceal myself to you. Air was needed, Now no more, My legs squeeze and join. A mermaid forever be. By the way,there's also other spell: 1) turn into a mer/merman and make the place you are in go in water say: drop ulas mer flip ulas 2)you will turn into a mermaid get into shower with you faverite neculice and chant slowly: magic spirits of the deep i would like tail not two feet beauty be upon me fish all kind let me see when finished with the see when im dry my feet return to me:when done dry off and go strait to bed. dont look at the full moon!!!next time you touch water you will turn into a mermaid after ten seconds:) enjoy 3)The following ingredients are needed to cast becoming a mermaid 1 drawing of the tail you want bleesed bath water (you have to be in it) a necklace to make you a mermaid in 3 days !! put on the necklace sit in the water put the drawing on your legs hum an your song and say: "i want a tail now please spirts let me have it" ever time you where the necklace u will be turned into a mermaid I want to say pls... try all of this spell...maybe one of this will work... Hope this will help and work......
  89. Guest12441446
    Hey! Guest12085727 That spell worked i jumpped in my pool yestrday aND I grew a fin!!!! thanks so much!!
  90. Guest12085727
    hi i dont know if this works yet sorry for being unsure but i found this spell so here it is: mermaid, sirens, fish of the deep change my form tonight while i sleep my wish is simple my wish is pure i wish to be not human no more for whenever water doth touch my skin the transformation will begin a tail i will grow from my waist down to my toes whenever this happens my legs will go until im dry again when ill see my legs, toes and feet return to me. so mote it be. it doesnt matter if u are wet or dry as long as it comes from the heart good luck and dnt listen to hurtful comments x x
  91. Guest12006502
    Im a real mermaid and yes internet works under water and u pepole look satange. well i am in my daddys plalce just now. my dad the king so my whole family are mermaids. myname is amy by yhe way
  92. Guest11694765
    Kids dont become a mermaid and ill tell you why. *Mermaids cant walk *Mermaids are demons and suck souls out of humans. *they Cant take a dump. *Finally you would probably get investigated on some scientist,they would cut your organs and maker to salami. I Trust you take my advice.\(^_^)/ Gooood Luck at failing.
  93. Guest11635031
    mermaids are real im on my side affects already i have done 5 diffrent spells and said them all 10 times each and prefrably more just belive x*x
  94. Guest11634635
    hi gust no:715760 that isnt true i have done this spell and it said if i get A RASH ITS WORKING N I HAVE ONE IM not lieing HONESTLY
  95. Guest11320533
    you have to make up your own or it wont work believe me
  96. Guest11100634
    SOMEONE SAY THE SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Guest11100634
    liten i am a mermaid i have a golden tali say this spirits spirits of the deeep give me a spell i wish to keep make me a mermaid by wet and while dry my feet return to me.
  98. Guest10419987
  99. Guest10418562
    well. my name is holly and i am 11 and tuning 12i beleive in mermaids so much and want to become one really and if you believe in them thats great and dont beleive what other ppl sayif they say mermaids aren't real and you can become one egnore them and go on live your dream because i have a spell i have tried it and it really works but you need: *salt water ( half a cup) *2 sea shells * food colouring ( the colour you want your tail to be) * a petal from any colour rose : now you put the two seashells on each of your legs and but 3 drops of food colouring in the cup, next add the petal then stir it up for 2 minuites and tip it on your legs and say witches of the deep i would like a tail not two feet and when i'm done in the sea my feet return to me; then when you have said that go and run to the bathroomand rub water on your legs and then wait 40 seconds and you will have grown a tail. but do not look at the full moon or else....... good luck bye
  100. Guest10411614
  101. Guest10409571
    it comes nomaly thts how i got myne
  102. Guest5842224
    Try the spell again
  103. Guest5824663
    I love mermaids and i belive them go on live ur dream
  104. Guest5677807
    can some one tell me a spell so i can turn into one and ill tell you one
  105. Guest5584809
    we belive in them to and are also trying to find a spell. But we dont have any spells for u
  106. Guest5426870
    i d k sorry
  107. Guest4844855
    go in pool at full moon and say a made up spell good luck
  108. Guest4744956
    We can help you we have a few spells. Were the mermaids.
  109. Guest4740585
    Hi I'm with my friend you can't tell anybody were mermaids, we believe you. We don't have a spell yet but we just turned into one from playing in the water so much.If we find or figure out a spell we will help you and if you don't believe us both of our names are mermaid names. Peace
  110. Guest3691988
    go to magic doctor
  111. Guest2910671
    Spell sorry
  112. Guest2910671
    I'm gonna give you an advice if the soell doesn't work: Try it again or you can make your own spell. It works the most. Bye and good luck!
  113. Guest2721780
  114. Guest2718556
    i didnt mean to say blah i was just bord
  115. Guest2718556
    i love memaids
  116. Guest2718556
  117. Guest2647907
    i do to
  118. Guest2589107
    hi im phobe tokins sister and i can not tell you any more . but im a mermaid from tiuna heyy every one im phobe tokin my sister tiuna is so crazy she is a mermaid i can tell you where mako island is its not real its at sea world ok and we dont really swim in the ocean its just we swim at sea world under water
  119. Guest2356193
    just wait k ihave tried a lot of spells and they never worked out for me until i found this spell and i tried it yester day so it ok to feel nerves i m to idon`t know but if doesn`t work try this one it work for my cuzin care ful spell not this spell can not be token back ok here it is witches and sprits of the of th deep that have been lost at sea help me with this simple wish make me mermaid make sure you put on your necklace that is your favorite ok have to say this wet p.s i`m 10 don`t judge
  120. Guest2226234
    what was the poem ?
  121. Guest2009500
    hi.last summer me and my friend ,aleesha did this powm underwater the last time we went swimming together and we felt really sick afterwords.we got all shakey. mabie you should try that.justmake up a powem and say it under water.
  122. Guest1685383
    hello the insouciant one works why in your fourth day you starte to get side effects its my fifth day but i did it again in the bath i feel dizzy ans sleepy althought i sleep till 12:00
  123. Guest1647762
    you there?
  124. Guest1316041
    but there is another way invent a spell of ur own believe ur spell will work wear a charm and only take it of to sleep this is how u do it: MEMORISE UR SPELL PUT ON A CHARM POUR A BATH TURN OF THE LIGHT LIGHT CANDLES AND PUT THEM AT THE FRONT OF THE BATH CLOSE UR EYES SAY THE SPELL
  125. Guest1316041
    look i love mermaids i wanna be 1 i have tried all the psells but they dont work but i have heard the insociant 1 works very well but i havent done it cz i wanna enjoy my life and be able to swim cz if i am a mermaid they will tests em and all these tests with needles hurt and can cause harm to u soo if i was u i would stay human and enjoy my life cz as a mermaid where r u gonna swim without gettin caught just believe u have a gr8 life with ur friends as a normal girl who can swim without bein tested and tht no1 will kill u cz ur mermaid BUT NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY U BELIEVE IN WHAT U WANT TO AND U JUST HAVE TO BE URSELF!!!
  126. Guest1304264
    Avada Kedavra!!
  127. Guest1244068
    hi ive been trying forever help me
  128. Guest1171183
    i wanna become too !!!!!!!! hlep me give me a spell
  129. Guest1104114
    Look I Really Want To Be a Mermaid to they are real all you gotta do is try hard and you will get it.
  130. Guest1026722
  131. Guest1002171
    Hi, I believe in mermaids too, please help me, if you get a spell, I live in a cold placee... But I'm about to move to California, and I'm 12 1/2 too, going to turn 13 on may 3. and I want to be a mermaid too, but I have so many questions too. Like if your a mermaid, can you turn back to human? And can you love? And if you can, can you have babies? And will you die by sea creatures? And are any of you mermaids? if you are talk to me here: PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
  132. Guest920547
    omg ok my name is marie-france trottier and i am 14. . i beleive in all magical creatures and need mermaid spells i tried one but it didnt work so e-mail me or ad me on ms my e-mal is
  133. Guest907455
    i know a spell! here it is: Gods And Goddesses Of The Deep Blue Sea Make Me What I'd Love To Be! A Human When Dry A Mermaid When Wet With All Powers I Wont Fret! (reapet 5 times) symbole: When u do the spell u hav to have a symbol. Your symbol can be a bracelet, necklace or earings. I prefer bracelet cuz its easier to sleep in. and to make something ur symbol all u hav to wear it while u do the spell.u hav to keep ur symbol on day and night until u get ur powers and tail.
  134. Guest886573
    I am a half witch and am still studying magic if i get the spell i will tell you okay.
  135. Guest843920
    Oh, I know how u feel! I'm 11 and I wanna be a mermaid so much! I've got a few spells... have u tried the insouciant one?
  136. Guest715760
    hey me to i believe in mermaid .and i want to be a mermaid and i make the spell to and i want to help you want. but the spell is not working in me i whis i was a meramid . spells are fake. jus buy a flipers and make like them or make a costum.
  137. Guest715760
    hey me to i believe in mermaid .and i want to be a mermaid and i make the spell to and i want to help you want. but the spell is not working in me i whis i was a meramid . spells are fake. jus buy a flipers and make like them or make a costum.
  138. Guest715760
    hey me to i believe in mermaid and i want to be a mermaid and i make the spell to and i want to help you want. but the spell is not working in me i whis i was a meramid spells are fake. jus buy a flipers and make like them or make a costum

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