I lost my wife in fire the worst Australian fire

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I lost my wife in fire the worst Australian fire - Marie Jones said she was staying at a friend's house in Kinglake when a man arrived with his infant daughter, saying his wife and other child had been killed.

"He was so badly burnt," she told the Melbourne Age's website.

"He had skin hanging off him everywhere and his little girl was burnt, but not as badly as her dad, and he just came down and he said 'Look, I've lost my wife, I've lost my other kid, I just need you to save (my daughter).'"

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  1. Shawn White
    This is sad; losing someone close to you is very hard; life is never the same. every thing around remind us of them and in the beginning it seems like going on is not possible. Time is the healer of all. now that we know the fire was man started; the government needs to step up to make sure culprits like these are brought to justice and made example for all others who might think of horrendous acts like these.

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