I loss my sim and I want to block my number ryt now ....

by Guest13330510  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I loss my sim and I want to block my number ryt now ....

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  1. Guest28143487

     someone stole may phone incloding may sim. I want to block number ryt now.

  2. shibukvbec

    I lose my sim card with my handset my no is +96893044068.   please block the sim    

                        Thank you.


  3. Guest28050935

    I lose my sim with phone yesterday and I want to block my the sim. My no  93044068

                                                                             By Shibu Vijayarajn





  4. Guest24933698

    i want to block number 9847304243

  5. Guest21233725
  6. Guest20914915
    i loss my aircel sim 2days before it is a new sim i had lost it. i want to block the sim. the sim card number is. 8883353710 .it has only promo balance .
  7. Guest20914792
  8. Guest20806899
    sir i lost my mobilink number before 2 month that time using another person i aslo called him but they not know my words and not back my number i want to block my number plz sir help me for this matter now they destroyed my all business probl sir u should block my number v soon this is my number 03022340551 sir plz do something for me sir anytime u would block my number then essentially call me for this number 03002997697 ok
  9. Guest20500973
    ya i want block my sim and some one used them so please block my sim.
  10. Guest19935402
    I Have lost my mobile phone with sim 03123344755
  11. Guest18674782
  12. Guest18397241
    i lose my sim card i want 2 block the sim,no. is 96137-58904
  13. Guest18043337
    I want to sim block no 8055046179 Plz & fast
  14. Guest17753714
    I loss my sim and I want to block the sim my number 9505915288
  15. Guest17700360
    this is my number...9789268189 want to fast..please..
  16. Guest17366232
    idea sim i need to
  17. Guest16456849
    i want my sim block this is my num +923057974753
  18. Guest15978131
    i want to block my sim
  19. Guest15124627
    i lose my sim card i want 2 block the sim
  20. Guest14265978
    i dont know,, i have the same problm with you.... jujujujujuju
  21. Leonardo
    You have to do this through your cellular service provider. You need them to have that option and you would probably do it through their internet site.

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