I live in Miami Beach Florida, off Collins. You will not believe this story, We have an idea for a p

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I live in Miami Beach Florida, off Collins. You will not believe this story, We have an idea for a person to jump out of a cake. Does any body know where in Miami Florida they rent jump out or popout cakes, here in Florida ? My s**y friend want to surprise my boyfriend this birthday here in Miami.

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    Try this web site: Pop out Bakery Usa Worlds largest Popout cake any state THE BAKERIES ONLY NEED 24 HOUR NOTICE FOR ANY CAKE. CALL 1-866-396-8429 - - 866-396-8429 - -
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    Presenting the worlds premium Pop Out Cakes! Pop out cakes are the ideal gift for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party or any special occasion! The guest of honor will be stunned & surprised when this oversize cake opens up with a s**y man or women exotic performer or dancer inside! Or you can have anyone you wish jump out of the cake a buddy, a relative, or a neighbor! The pop out cakes are lightweight, sturdy, easy to use & reasonably priced three tier pop outcakes. Use them for parties, stage shows, or any event or gathering. This pop out cake is perfect for customer or commercial use. In addition to consumer use, the jump out cakes are a great revenue producing item for party & event planners, nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, catering halls, private party halls, restaurants, hotels, theatrical prop rent allocations, party supply equipment sales and rental stores, costume shops, entertainment services, catalogue & storefront retailers. Other uses for the cake include films, television shows, and plays. Our jump out cakes are efficiently deigned, and constructed of the finest materials available. The cakes are designed to be lightweight, sturdy, reusable and will fit into the back of a standard size SUV when the tiers are stacked inside each other. The cakes require minimal assembly & set up, take two minutes, a child of ten can out it together,


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