How to install a desktop microphone with Personal Computer?

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I have recently purchased a desktop microphone and need some help trouble-shooting. I cannot get it to work. What should so that I can use it?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Before using a microphone on the Windows XP, you have to install its device drivers and also get it connected properly with computer with Windows XP installed on it and you should follow the below mentioned method to get it installed.
    First thing that you should do is that if your computer is turned on, turn it off.
    Put the microphone into the back side of your computer. You should put it on the back side at the point which is labled by a small mic pic on it.
    Then turn your computer off..
    Open Control Panel in the computer, Then open the Sounds and Audio Devices icon. Click on the hardware and sound. Click on manage the audio devices under the sound tab.
    Open the voice tab and then click on the recording tab, Click your microphone. You can configure it from the option available in the left corner tab.
    There is a test option and there is a tab present named test hardware under Voice recording. There will be a brand name written in the box under the default device. The Sound Hardware test wizard will open.
    After clicking next you will see that the computer will test the microphone and install required drivers. If asked then inset the CD-ROM that came along with the computers CD/DVD drive. Proceed little further and press next and you will see that there will be a finish option which tells that your microphone is installed and ready to use.

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