I have lost all my Facebook Friends. Is this a problem facebook is having, and will it be fixed?

by Guest12082933  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I have been having problems logging on as well as slow refresh time between pages.

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  1. Guest22875196

     i have lost my friend name sophie smith

  2. Guest19350296
    just lost all mine... do they ever come back?
  3. Guest19348496
    i just lost all of mine today! im kind of angry!
  4. Guest14504039
    Me too. Does anyone have contact info for facebook technical support?
  5. Guest12283657
    same here....
  6. Guest12270110
    I've been having issues for over a week, and just today I lost all my friends! Still have the groups, but no friends. Eek!
  7. Guest12155514
    I lost all my friends as well, but my groups are fine... ??? I don't get it. Maybe a server problem?

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