I have an old kenwood stereo 4-channel receiver sold under radio shack

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I had trouble with the left speaker and found a small crack or scratch in the mating front amp plug in slot on the board. Upon repair the receiver sounds great, but the front amp power transistors on the heat sink compared to the rear are hot, while the what are believed to be rear are cool which does not seem normal. The voltage level on the receiver is lower than what is listed on the wiring diagram, by a couple of volts. Upon adjusting the front (X07-1050-10) board reostats I was able to bring up the voltage to almost curcuit specks but the power transistors seem to get warmer and the rear are still cool. Is this normal or a problem?

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  1. Guest28129756

    Hello   Did you resolve your problem? I  have the sme receiver and it sounds like you have the schematic, if so could I have a copy. Mine has weak signal out of both front left speakers. and the X07-1050-10 on left side is missing the c11. looks like it was never used. Would like to help if needed. Thanks.


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