What makes Marilyn Monroe to kill herself?

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I am planning to write a research paper on Marilyn Monroe and I want to know some essential details about her. I want to know why would she kill herself, when she just found out good news about Joe DiMaggio Jr? What would make her do that? I need some useful information on her death.


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    Hello there

    Unfortunately her problems were extending day by day, and go beyond one single conversation with any one person. People contemplating suicide can often act completely normal, although they will sometimes give small signs of what they are planning. And often they plan suicide long in advance and trivial matters (or conversations) will not be enough to stop their plans. There are some more serious clues in her live what Marilyn was planning to do in future, such as filling her last prescription of 25 Nembutals without the knowledge of her psychiatrist, right before her death. It was quite shocking for her psychiatrist as well.

    Also, Marilyn called some old friends she had not spoken to in a long time as if to say good-bye.

    Really, I was quite sad. She was well aware of the circumstances and that was the main reason behind her death. Nobody takes 30 plus pills hoping to be found and rescued. It was quite shocking for her fans around the world and still people remember her for her dazzling performances and appealing beauty.

    I am happy to be of your help


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