I have a sako vixen L461 in 222rem. mag. It apears to be unfired. ser.# 74xxx. What is it worth?

by Guest14813634  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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The stock does not have the rose wood caps,so I asume it is not the deluxe. It also has a rear peep sight.I would also like to know what year it was produced.

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  1. Guest19564712
    Are you interested in selling it? I would say it is worth at least that.

  2. Guest16720275
    I would be amazed if this rifle was truly unfired because this model hasn't been made in over 20 years. If it is all original as it came from the factory it is worth well over $1000, especially since the .222 magnum is more rare than the .222 version. Ammunition is getting hard to find in either caliber, but this is not a problem for folks who load their own, so there is still good demand for these rifles. Most new Sako rifles cost $1200plus.

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