I have a horrible fear of public speaking!

by Numair  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I have a horrible fear of public speaking! i don't know what to do!

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  1. Guest185934
    can u point some fun ways?

  2. Oz
    all you have to do is remember that there are fun ways to overcome your fear of public speaking. Sharing comments with an audience doesn't have to be intimidating and there are actually funny ways to overcome a fear of public speaking. And, in the course of addressing anxiety about public speaking with humor and creativity, a speaker can not only work to abate his nervousness but also help his audience become more relaxed. What are some of the funny ways to overcome fear of public speaking? A speaker can go a long way to have fun in diminishing his anxiety by employing a technique known as envisioning. Envisioning is simple and only involves a mindset of a speaker psyching himself out to the point that he believes something ludicrous such as that everyone is his audience is wearing only their underwear. Of course, the concept is silly! But it works, and helps a speaker dispel any nervousness that those in his audience are hungry lions eager to devour him. Among the other fun ways to overcome fear of public speaking is creating a sense of community with audience members. This may involve asking questions of them individually. By doing so, a speaker helps establish a more relaxed dialogue between himself and audience members because he is addressing a topic through a one-on-one conversation. Asking audience members to form groups and discuss solutions for problems a speaker has identified is another of the fun ways to overcome fear of public speaking. As with the asking of individual questions, this approach can also help a speaker relax because it removes the fear that he is expected to carry a presentation on his own. Both techniques also permit a speaker to create a personal connection with audience members that let both parties know each other better. The approach also allows a speaker to walk away from a podium or even into the audience if his microphone will allow for such. hope this helps..

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