Worth of 1979 Freudenthal print.

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Hey there, I have a 1979 Freudenthal print but do not know its worth in the market. It belongs to my father and now i do not have any interest in it. I am looking to sell on a good price. I have asked some friends about its worth but they also do not know. Do you know the worth of a 1979 Freudenthal print? Someone please tell me. I would appreciate your help in this regard.

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    Peter Freudenthal was born 1938 in Norrköping, Sweden. He developed up in a multicultural and cosmopolitan surroundings where the Jewish practice was intermixed with the European, and where social pursuits acted an valued role. Freudenthal learnt amid other people Art, Art History, Archeology and Ethnography, which granted him the prospect to visit and to work with divergent societies that have encouraged him in his art. An instance is 1962 when he worked as archeologist in Wadi-Halfa in north Sudan and got inspiration for his first abstract paintings Serra I, II and III with appearances from Sudanese architecture. The elucidation to these works was obscured until the artisan clarified their meaning. During the fifties Freudenthal covered in paint only figurative (landscapes, shacks and portraits) which not ever, as showed by the artisan were shown for the public. It was through assembly with his mentor, the Swedish artisan Olle Bærtling, with his tangible art and open configuration that Freudenthal commenced to change his approach to a more abstract and geometric one. Through Bærtling, he came in acquaintance with open configuration, as impressionists now employed at that time, but dissimilar Bærtling, Freudenthal works with quadrangles and rectangles and with an emphasized three dimensionality. Freudenthal advises that Bærtling was very sensible and recommended him to move out all Jewish subjects and to strengthen on a thing else. “But I”, declares Freudenthal,” strained many in rank to perform the contrary.

    The estimated worth of your 1979 Freudenthal print is from 8 000 SEK to 10 000 SEK but it is not the exact amount it can varry according to the auction.

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