I have a brinks 4 digit combination lock I can't get open

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I have a brinks 4 digit combination lock I can't get open

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  1. Guest28146181

    I got an black brinks lock NO.5746075 and i need a way to unlock it because i have forgotten my combination number real bad and i need it as soon as possible please?

  2. Guest28146181

    What the heck is this?

  3. Mitchel

    You can easily open the four digit combination lock by following these steps:
    First turn the top dial on the lock until the dial displays the first number of your combination.
    Repeat with the other three dials on the lock. The second, third and fourth dials from the top should display the second, third and fourth digits in the combination.
    Pull the locking mechanism up when the dials display the correct digits to open the lock.



  4. Guest22502123

    I have a brass 4-digit padlock and need to reset combination.  How do I do that?

  5. Guest21284745
    i've been told to put a boby pin in the hole by the big metal loop thing. spin the numbers untill the boby pin goes down all the way

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