I have a Sandleford Garrison Electronic Safe.

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I had the locksmith open it for me as I've forgotten the combination and have lost the operating instructions. Can anhyone help me by telling me how to lock it It is now bolted to the floor and I can't take it to the locksmith. Can anyone help me or by giving me the instructions on closing the safe. Many thanks.

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     Thanks for this message... 

    so easy!

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     These safes are poorly manufactured, you invest $80, and they are very easy to break into by amateurs like myself! Search a "you tube video" posted by mepickulongtime and with a bit of persistance, you can do it too. Then you can change batteries & code, But MORE importantly, Be aware of the Limitations of this 'safe'. Sandleford should not put thier name to this china made safe, but they keep selling them! The following is my story about the Sandleford ES20 N15115 safes. Im dissapointed with thier customer service and thier product, so everyone online is going to hear about it - here goes: Thank you so much for this video. Sandleford distribute these safes (ES20) at Bunnings hardware warehouses in Australia. I bought one 3 years ago and the crappy batteries provided with the safe started dieing. I typed in my usual code, which was not accepted. The yellow & red light flashed and the safe beeped for about 2 minutes. When I bought the safe, I kept all the paperwork that came with the safe, noting the model, serial & Key numbers. I've misplaced the key and called Sandleford customer service in Melbourne on 03 9786 0055 and asked them to send me a key, i was preparded to scan my drivers licence etc as instructed in the paperwork. Well, I was told that "they don't distribute keys for that model, and your going to have to get a locksmith in to break open the safe". Well I said "thanks for your help" and hung up. I did a search and came across your video. The safes are ****, and people need to know not to waste $80. I had to be a little persistent with tapping the top and twisting the k**b. Once you get it, it's great, and you can do it over & over again. I've since saved my hand, replaced the batteries, and it works fine - but now no longer store valuables in the Sandleford "safe". Thanks once again, Gary

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     thankyou , also noted the batteries were low , which also caused a problem , 

  4. Guest16946200
    I am locked out of the safe with out the code. I have the key and initally I was able to open the safe. I thought I reset the password and now I am unable to open the safe with the code or the key. Any suggestions?
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    readingth instruction bookelet it says. 1-with the safe open presss the red button on the hinge near the back of the door. 2-relaease teh red button 2 beeps willsound. followed by illumination of the yellow light. 3- enter the predetermines 3 to 8 digit code. Confirm the code by pressing the letter B. If th code or confirmation is not complete in 15 seconds begin again at step one.

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