I have a 1995 cabrio that loses power slowly and dies in the rain

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I don't believe they meant oil. There is a "glow plug" circuit that is common source of problems for many owners. One or more of the glowplugs need to be replaced. Do not mix, and match the different brands of glow plugs. There are 2 manufacturers...Beru, and Bosch..., they must replaced with the same manufacturers product, no exception. The other thing that needs to be replaced is the "strip" that feeds power to the glowplugs. There is a specific repair kit at your local Volkswagen dealer. They also have the very best wire repair splices that are specially designed for the diesel cars. I would highly recommend taking the car to your local, best Volkswagen dealer to have the repair made, only because they know NOT to change the glowplug brand. They also have the best wire repair connectors. Additionally, the local, best Volkswagen dealer has one, or perhaps two specially trained diesel specialists. The computer tools that are necessary to completely diagnose your cars' engine trouble are there too. It may be more expensive, but chances are MUCH greater that it will be fixed right, and it won't have to go back again, because it wasn't done completely, or well. By the way, Myra, there is no plug that heats the oil, unless the car is intended for use in extremely cold climate, and this is plug that literally goes into an extension cord that reaches into the house. There are heat "pucks" that are then glued to the side of oil pan to keep the crankcase "sump" warm enough so the starter motor doesn't get overloaded trying to turn the engine with oil in it that has the consistency of honey, molasses, or taffy. Myra, Thank you for you question. I hope my explanation was understandable, and I hope, if you follow my recommendation, the repair is successful for a long, long time.

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