I had a dream that I sold my soul to the devil please help me.

by anna  |  8 years ago

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I had a dream that I sold my soul to the devil please help me. I've already had a couple dreams about the devil, one was that he strangled me, the second that I was dancing in a church with his deamons and the third was that I sold my soul to him. I was walking around and I had to go to a house, so I pass through a couple of windows where there were hanging dead animals without any skin. And there on a few tables were books about, how, when, why I sold my soul to the devil, and there was a former friend of mine that told me that I had done it. What does everything mean? just so u know, im christian and religious so if you dont have anything serious to say then dont comment. Would be glad if you could help thanks!

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  1. Guest24313967

    i had a dream. where something said " I want your soul." i didnt ask who it was so i said" take half." ther was no visual part of the dream at this point. then the voice said " open it " then i opened my right eye and saw the night sky but the stars were green. and i remember the feeling of peace as i was being raised up towards the stars as if i was one of them going where i belonged. as i reached the level of the stars i started moving through them. it was like time had been stopped and when i got to the stars i was traveling through them. as i passed them they started making a visual picture of the next five days of the future. kind of watching a movie in fast forward. then as i reached the end of it a demonic voice said,"alien" and everything went black and it was like something jumped into my eye and nothing said the number five. i cant explain it but its like i felt the number. i beleive that was a revelation from god to tell me where i needed to go in life. the lifestile i was in was not living by any means. to this day i go to church and seek gods will not mine in life..... i have researched this green eye thing and the ancient egyptians call it the eye of horace or the eye of hours......


  2. Guest22950462

    the devil wants your soul more than anything, he is trying to shake your faith by putting the fear of him having your soul, but this is a good thing in a way because when satan is atacking you your doing somthing right, its when he stops you should worry. the closer you get to god the more he atacks and when you have a strong calling he will get desprate. when you go to sleep ask got tho place a hedge of protection around you, and dont fear the evil because you have the authority in the name of jesus....

  3. Guest22912187

    Your soul is being lost to this thing called religion. There is more out there than what the church and christians believe...i used to be a "christian"...they try to teach the right things but the problem is they only try to learn from a really learn you have to experience life. the way Jesus did. i still believe a lot of what was taught me but now i know the true meaning. i have experienced life and truly FEEL what was trying to be taught. your soul is trying to tell you that you are need to experience life...maybe escape the church for a while and start learning what God has to teach by asking him yourself rather than taking word for it...

  4. Guest22356962

    says the guy with those last 3 numbers..

    Blapshemous... ;)

  5. Guest21586844

    i also had a simular dream. he tricked me into selling my soul to him. and the night before i had the dream i was talking to my mom about holy things.

  6. Guest20897184
    My friend had a similar dream! He had just recently lost his faith and was convinced that what he saw in his dream wasn't real. He saw the devil who looked exactly like him but with nicer features(an improved version) and he told my friend that he would grant him a wish for his soul. My friend asked for the meaning of life and was told something so amazing that he is convinced to this day that it was real. He won't tell me what the great answer is because "If you sold your soul for something would you share it?"
  7. Guest20568666
    The devil is trying to tempt you into selling your soul. I had a dream one time where I said something about selling my soul. Just pray to God for protection and you should be fine:) God bless!

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