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My daughter is almost four years old and is a good communicator and very articulate for her age. Over the past view month she would have a sore private Area I always have her checked by her Pediatrician- she has been checked for a UTI and I was told to make shure she cleans "front to back". I have asked the Pediatrician if everything looks O.K. and I was told that this is very common around her age and that she looks "fine"...She cries when she has to urinate and ends up wetting her Pants or Bed- totally unlike her!
Bevore I took her to the Pediatrician yesterday I have asked her if anyone has ever touched her "Private Area" and if yes that I have to know...she replied to me that Daddy always rubbes her and she showed me the motion of her fingers dispaying to me what she says he does...when I asked her where I am when he does that she told me that most of the time when I am in the Bathroom...I told her to tell me immediately when this happens- right away!
I confronted my Husband when he called me from work, first he just said "Well, that is great- just great! Unbelievable!" Nothing else...When he came home I made shure my Baby stays close to me at all times...she does not appear to be afraid of him, still wants to sit with him on the Couch....I did not push the issue again yesterday due to the Kids being around...Today when He called me I asked again..."What do you think about what she has said"...He.."Well, I want to know how this conversation even took place" I told him that I asked her and that is what she has said...He "Well, she probably just said that it was me like she normally would say it was her brother or somebody else just so she would not get in Trouble, maybe she thought she would get in Trouble..?"...He totally denies that he did anything and I just don't know what to many Kids get Molested and no one would suspect the Man you Love, the Father- would do something like that to your child...But what if he really did not do anything? This could totally distroy our Marriage our Family- our Life. He would loose his Job everything would just fall apart. But of course I would not want my child to live in fear in her own home, my poor Baby!
What to do?




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    Wow, I guess no one is able to at least give a opinion. Thank you!

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    I really could use someone's opinion on this, please!
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