I cannot get Farmville or Frontierville to load on my computer

by Guest19636927  |  7 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Can except gifts, send gifts, etc. But the game will not load completely. Have unistalled and reinstalled adobe flashplayer 10.1, several times.

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  1. Guest24280391

    can not ask or share gifts while playing frontierville. what do i need to do

  2. Guest23215315

    the option to play any of the games, farmville, frontiervill, treasure island, etc.  none of them show up on my comp.  help


  3. Guest19918186
    click on farmville wont come on
  4. Guest19872656
    Cannot access my frontierville game.
  5. Guest19870169
    i am on the internet,,,frontierville will not come up message is internet explorer can not display this website ,,,was working tuesday night when i logged all the rest...

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