I am a 12 year old guy who wants a 11-14 year old girlfriend

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I am a 12 year old guy who wants a 11-14 year old girlfriend

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  1. Guest28398078

     hi im kenan im 12 and i want to date you katie


  2. Guest28269016
    hi my names Cody and im almost 14 on Christmas eve and im looking for a s**y 13-14 girl friend and I like to ski, play basketball, run, and swim. call or text me at 8638383275.
  3. Guest28265495
    I am a 11 year old girl looking foe 11-14 boy my number is 636 232 3356
  4. Guest28247173

    Hey 1'm a 12 year old hot girl looking for a boyfriend 12-14 live in manitowoc Wisconsin snapchat is Kana100 message m


  5. Guest28245584
    Hey boys that are 14-15 I am 14 years old and looking for a hot nice bf if you want to talk I would send you a picture at my number 6625072216
  6. Guest28245058

     Hey I'm 14 and single. I'm blonde and I have blue eyes with a nice a** and b cup ti**

  7. Breana Egbert

     My name is Breana. I'm 11 fixing to turn 12. Kik me at CountryGur24. 

  8. Guest28153301

    Hi if ur still in need of a gf im shayln im 12 1/2 turning in march (6th months) im 5ft 6in im african american i live in Florida and i sing at weddings etc. 

  9. Eden McClelland

     Hey! My name is Eden and I'm 11, I love singing and voice acting. I'm northern Irish. My email is

  10. Guest28149409

     hello iam  enana  iam. 11 I sing inever. Had about friend so if u wanna talk to me my E-mail. Is 

  11. Guest28146921

     hi i am 12 years old cute 

  12. Guest28146804

     Hi I'm katy Payne to be your girlfriend I'm 12 years old

  13. jaredbird98

     i need a girlfriend im 14 and play hockey my nunber is 17802925477

  14. Guest28145273

     Hi my nickname is s**y fox and I'm 14 and i love singing ,dancing and doing stuff for charty ;) xxxx

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