I am writing a book

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I need help for writing a book. I am not a professional writer so need help that how to start my topic.

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  1. ZZ

     Book writing is never an easy task reason is very simple the book to be written is to be read by different people who will know about the writer after reading the book.
    A book is to represent the writer. While writing a book the first thing which should always be kept in mind is that you should write the book in such a way that your readers should easily understand you content.
    It should not be like this that the reader should be keeping a dictionary along with while reading the book.
    You should be very general in the writing and you information should be complete and authentic. You should avoid repetition of same line. Use keywords at proper place and use abbreviation as well.
    In short the writing should be balance and complete precise and to the point. Clarity should be kept in mind as well.

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