I'm a hot 12 year old girl looking for a hot 11-14 year old boyfriendI'm a hot 12 year old girl look

by Guest24011661  |  3 years, 9 month(s) ago

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My name is Ariana. I am a really hot 12 year old girl. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, im tan & im skinny. I am looking for a cute/hot/s**y 12 year old boy who wants to be my boyfriend. If you are interested PLEASE leave your name, cellphone number and/or email so I can contact you. (I'll also accept cute/hot/s**y boys ages 11-14)

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  1. Guest28244474

     I am 11 live in Madison and can skate board play hockey and soccer and lacrosse and I am cool and nice





  2. Guest28232755

     My name is Darrel I'm 12 I have 6 pack a big d!(k and I am looking for a gf and s*x

  3. Guest28222593
    hi my name is Chelsea. I am looking for a cute 12 year old boy. This is my phone number 074-13-144-415.
  4. Guest28222281

     my name is Jacob my phone number is 972-268-0250

  5. Guest28222021

     So do I want a hot girl 11-14 

  6. Guest28222013

     hey my name is brandon im 12 years old looking for a gf my number is 443-694-9912 call me

  7. Guest28221992

    im not a 11-14 year old boy but i am a 36 year old man who wants s*x badley from you and for you to cannibalise me after wards i live at 4045 castel drive groveport ohio 43125 614-920-3398 let me tell you why i want the cannibalism part for 30 long years no doctor or hospital can find the cause of my pain this is why im tired of living day in day out with it if you do this for me i will be greatfull

  8. Guest28211857
    Hello my name is Noah and im 12. Email me at I will give you my real number when I get to know you.
  9. Guest28201075
    hey im Josh and im 12 and my textnow number is 469 317 9401 when i get to know you more ill give you my real number
  10. Guest28170243

     Hey, I'm Alex😏 I have a six pack, a huge d**k, and I'm great at pleasing girls. I'm 14! Hmu

  11. Guest28169991

    i would like to be your boyfriend im 12 years old txt me at (701)3002163 get back to me soon plz. Btw i have brown eyes and brown and black hair my name is bradley but call me brad for short. get back to me when you see this





  12. Guest28169147

     Hey I'm max I'm 12 my names max I live in stockton cali text me 9163501478

  13. Guest28168780

     574-386-3821 is my number message me im 14 and would like to get to know u

  14. Guest28167564

     hi um i dont think you will read this but im 12 im mexicin i dont cunsiter my self hot but if you what to see me youu can find mi on facebook as Miguel angel montenegro





  15. Guest28167483

    hey my name is dearien i am 13 and i need a gf my phone is off so go to my facebook my name is dearien cochran thanks

  16. Guest28167214

     14 years old my name is Dennis im 5'9 really fit 4.0 gpa tan. email me



  17. Guest28167016
    Where do you live
  18. Guest28166958

     13 years old my name is tom and I love to snowboard and skate. I work out 5 times a week every week and I'm really kind and caring. My number is 781 534 8388 so hit me up.

  19. Guest28166691

    I'm a 12 years old

  20. Guest28166081

     Michael Sibley I live in Naperville Illinois close to Chicago I am rich and my phone number is 16305364141 I am 11 years old I am really strong I play baseball basketball football brown hair dark brown eyes looking for gf or friend don't care but I wanna talk to someone

  21. Guest28166049

    hey my name's demetri text me at 2515451525



  22. Guest28165936
    Come find me u said you were going to find if you know were I'm at I will beat your a*s whoever called me
  23. Guest28165859
    Hi, im a hot 22 year old, named Andy O. I work out. and mountain bike a lot. I have big abs. Hit me up 760-837-4690. I live in cali.
  24. Guest28165771
    Hey my name is glen text me at 412-877-1058 I'm a hot 11 year old boy I play football
  25. Guest28164161
    Hi I'm Ryan love to go the gym and Im built and I'm 13years old call me at 609-439-1586
  26. Guest28163521
    Hi πŸ™‹ my name is serenity and I'm 14 years old and I'm looking for a hot guy I'm pretty have light brown eyes πŸ‘€ and I have dimples so call me I would really like a boyfriend
  27. Guest28163145
    Hello I'm 11 and my name is Alec is 2015 and I'm feeling lonely... :( My phone # is 3236816442 and txt Gmail. Is play football and I'm a bit shy so take it kik is alecperez7771 and I live in Downey California.txt me
  28. Guest28162433

     Hi my name is Emma and I am looking for a girlfriend who is s**y and beautiful I'm 13

  29. Guest28161365
    Ho I am rory and I am 13 years old and a football player.
  30. Guest28161332
    hey Ariana im 12 years old my name is derrick hurst looking for a gf you can search me on facbook my phone is off right now
  31. Guest28161212
    Hi my name is rory
  32. Guest28161097

     Hey I am Zach I am 14 and my email is

  33. Guest28160720
    my name is JJ I am 12 looking for a girl that is 11-14 my number is 4782066794
  34. Guest28160088
    Hi my name is Lilly and im looking for a boy age 12-13 im 12 years old im a brunette im 5'0. I'm looking for a boy who is cute plays sports and is super sweet and kind and is a virgin still so call me 213-590-2150
  35. Guest28159011
    Hey my name is Erick I live in Cali my number is 626 324 2441 my email is Hope u text or call
  36. Guest28157526

     i am 12 and have blue eyes, brown hair and im an football player...

  37. Guest28156173

    Hey my name is Miguel I'm 14 I have black hairs brown eye and I'm cute that's Wht people say my number is 9198139109

  38. Guest28155131
    hi im jack gomez im a 14 year old guy who needs a girlfriend 12-14 years old I play football, soccer, and basketball im funny I play video games I have a facebook account and I live in maple lake Minnesota united states im starting my dj career next year I babysit and my phone number is 651-319-7694 I have brown eyes brown hair im not that tall but run very fast I can bench 340lb and I have a lot of friends
  39. Guest28152346

     What is your number

  40. Guest28152219






  41. Guest28152219




  42. Guest28151866

     My number is 330-607-4491

  43. Guest28151542

     Hey my name is grant and call me some time 972 246 8860

  44. Guest28149841
    My name is Justin I'm 14 athletic, good looking, and have a 4.0 gpa in school. Looking for a beautiful GF to spoil with love. #-330-312-5141
  45. Guest28148599

     My name is Quinn Gannon my number is 406-9243447. My email is

  46. Guest28148100
    Kik Andreywpw
  47. Guest28146696

     im 14 and tall play hockey and sort of skinny blackish brownish hair and looking for a good looking girl friend my number is 17802925477 and email on facebook is text me when ever i live in edmonton alberta  

  48. Guest28146539

     Aj hibbs (316)347-9772

  49. Guest28146506

     Hey my name is ben my number is 07842275762 and email is im 12 text phone or email



  50. Guest28146433

     im 12 if you want to see a pic of me send me an email at of face book lewis francis im mix race (black/white)

  51. Guest28146308

     im luis berlingeri,  im 12 years old im about to turn 13 im 3 days my number is 2542131058 can I have yours just in case if you ask a question

  52. Guest28146010
    My name is Jason I'm a 12 year old boy my number is 5148525 I'm a fun person to be.I'm a football player I play for clay in Indiana south bend
  53. Guest28145817

     Hi young 14 year old by wanting a beautiful girl 13-14 email me

  54. Guest28144865

     My name is Jack. I'm 16 years old (sorry if its too old lol) Looking for a cute and lovely girlfriend. My phone number is 651-321-1720. My email is: (lol i know it sounds perverted but i promise im not, made it for fun;) )Im Asian, skinny, cute, and funny. Fun to hangout with. Able to treat you like a princess ;) will you be mine? 

  55. Guest28144094

    skype: jojochung360

  56. Guest28143662

     I'm a 12 year old boy blue eyes, dark blonde hair english 

  57. Guest28143223

     Hey contact me at

  58. Guest28142083

     Christian 713-818-5680


  59. Guest28136987

     My kik: ittzskittlez I'm 13 looking for a gf

  60. Guest28136679

    my name is cody i live find pikton ohio and i am 13 i am looking for a hot girl and i seen you i thought we could be boyfriend and girlfriend you can send me a facebook friends reqest you will find me under the name cody conkey please send me one so we can talk you just the girl im looking for i wont lie to you and i wont hit you and i will treat you good and with respect pleas send me your first and last name so we can get toether and i can find you on facebook and send you a friends reqest you sound like the kind of girl im looking for  

                           love cody conkey


  61. Guest28132945
    Deshawn contact me at see ya girl. I can treat you better than any of these guys on here if u ask any of my ex girlfriends they will say they will never forget me
  62. Guest28132667

    My name is kirito yuuki a.k.a Jordan rogers.

    text a girl named izzy her number is 19184298786 and she will give you my number

  63. W@lt3rD1zzney028
    My name is Walt and my # is 6016206114. My snapchat is thewolfman028. Plz reply!!! <3
  64. Guest28131447

    danny, I live in Maryland 2024958783

  65. Guest28130011

     hey my name is marc johnson and im 12 my emaial adress is my # is 334 350 1284 sendmepicsonemail

  66. Guest28130011

     hey my name is marc johnson and im 12 my emaial adress is my # is 334 350 1284 

  67. Guest28129463

    Hi I love s*x and would love to meet up no GF just s*x after I see a pic of you


  68. Guest28128483
    you guys really don't know if this chick is a girl and im 13. not to be rude but dumb a**ess.hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I KNOW IT WAS RUDE
  69. Guest28127660

     heyy im 14 male text me nd send me s**y pics on kik xxmarvin6xx or text me 2018871355


  70. Guest28119836

     I'm 12 looking for a hot gf who wants a cute boy


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  72. Guest28119826

     Ethan and my email is

  73. Guest28119819

     I don't know if you want me, my name is shad and I am 13 and have green eyes. I am tall and I would love to talk. 1-850-332-1957 is my number. Give me a text

  74. Guest28119817
    Im 11 dunno if u want meπŸ’› my name is luke.😍 blue and greenyish eyes blond and brown hair in not brown in white but not pale whiteπŸ˜œπŸ’•πŸ’•
  75. Guest28119817
    Im 11 dunno if u want meπŸ’› my name is luke.😍
  76. Guest28119091

     mike worth 216-587-2556

  77. Guest28117633

    im the full package and i have a question if we get together ever and i see you..... do u kiss???? oh and my number is 603 339 1849 and is yo say yes i will deticate my whole life to u....

  78. Guest28117520
    Hay my name is Brent and I am 13 and I live in Spokane Washington and I am looking for a gf. My email is
  79. Guest28113390

    ill be your boy friend my name is dillin I like skateboarding bmx bikeing and archery btw im 13 I have a mix of brown and blond hiar  im preaty good looking my phone number is (608-617-1886)

  80. Guest28110522

     i am 13 and wanting to know because i am single and looking for a girl s**y.



  81. Guest28110115

    Hey im 13 my name is Shayne looking for a s**y girl 12-15 years old want her to have big b***s and a nice body and not afraid to send dirty pictures

  82. Guest28108052

    i'm Michael Conway im 12 years old. im deadecated to whom I love I try to help out with everything I care for everyone and everything around me. im not a hunk but im kinda handsome and I would understand if you chose someone else and im single I don't lie to often unless I have to im also really short im also in grade 7. I only hope you choose me.

  83. Guest28108047

    hi i'm a 11 year old im dedecated so yay 519 245 0578 is my number

  84. Guest28103736

    um im karyan im 12 1/2 I like your type my number don't hav  phone

  85. Guest28102976

     I won't s*x now

  86. Guest28101487


  87. Guest28101372

    l want s*x now


  88. Guest28094742

     Hey my name is quan and I want to be your girlfriend. I am smart strong I play basketball, soccer,football,baseball,and soccer. I have an Mohawk.I am very helpful in a relationship.

    if you pick me than all these losers I will make you feel good I will make you happy.I won't make you stressed, I will go on dates with cousin is an billionaire he can give you anything.I will be nice to you .i am perfect for you

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  90. Guest28087284

     My name is Paul I'm interested in you I'm 12 years old my number is (323) 696-9750 so call me baby I live in los Angeles so if you call just tell my mom that you want to talk to me okay s**y baby okay ariana I love you

  91. Guest28082198

     I'm 13 my name is Thomas I'm looking for the same thing as u are except a girl and my number is 9089562353

  92. Guest28074567

    My name is sonny I live in north Lake Tahoe and my number is 530-421-0078

  93. Guest28074130

     i dount have nothin to contact you so lets do ti on the computer and im 12

  94. Guest28071904
    hey my name is Kevin my number is 1219 381 9069
  95. Guest28068548

    im 13 I respect girls like they should be respected so if you want to respond heres wat I go as on facebook richardhurst jr

    see ya

  96. cute cowboy

     We sa very introested

  97. Guest28065081

     im intrasted

  98. alib8821


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  99. Guest28064249

     Hi my name is devin and I live in nj my number is 9089383415

  100. cute cowboy

     im tyrel and im intrested and my email is

  101. Guest28064064
    Um it's Noah again I'm 12 years old too sorry for not telling you that
  102. Guest28064064
    Hi I'm Noah Williams I'm a sports addict I love to text new girls I have brown hair brown eyes I'm thin and I would love to date you not on my email often so just txt me kk here's my # 575-640-0811
  103. cute cowboy

    my name is Tyrel and i am 12 im lookin for a girl that is 12-14 to date so replie soon if you want to email me my email is

  104. Guest28063867

    this is a really bad idea in my veiw because all it does is drag in pedophiles witch is a really bad idea because if you go to meet them one day who knows if its not a pedophile lucky but things like this just drags them in to get you just awarning but all in with the gf bf idea but just look in school and around the neiborhood thats what i did and i have a gf and we have a good relationship and we are keeping it as a good relationship until we get older or get married so either way do what you want this is a warning though but i cant stop you :-)


  105. Guest28063735

     Hi I'm Dylan and I'm 12 and like to talk I have bloned short hair and blue eyes I'm take a shot of me and you'll like what u see my gmail is

  106. ccmalls29


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  107. Guest28057799


    im danny and im 12 ,my phone number is 845-200-9531

  108. Guest28056231

    hey im austin and i love that name i'm 14 and interested  419 303 2272 

  109. Guest28055744

     I'm Alex, I'm 13 but let me tell you this, we're only 11-14 year old kids and there are bad people in the world so I got my girlfriend around my school/ neighborhood why don't you try that?

  110. Guest28055140

     My name is Jacob I live in South Pasadena Califonia,  I an Tall 6feet and 14.  My number is 323-854-3323.

  111. Guest28051888

    my name is triston i live in the us. my phone number is 3174989280

  112. Guest28051683

    I am 11 years old number 9707561111

  113. Guest28045854

     hey my name is james my number is 229 646 1030 im 14 and would like to talk and maybe go to a movie.

  114. Guest28038883

    my name is michael and i am 12 close to be 13 and i am a nice guy who likes have ing fun and playing with my frineds and i am nice looking when i do get my sleep email is . and some times i do not check my mail for a long time :D

  115. Guest28037615

     How does everyone know if shes not a pervert if ur real text me at 16304642061 show me ur pic

  116. Guest28035352

     hey im mark 12 brown eys um 5FT skiny love to talk if you want my gmail is p.s i live in virginia and i love dogs

  117. Guest28031562


  118. Guest28031077

     hi im 14 my name is nick b live in luisiana u seem cool my number is 985 55555555   of coarse im not givin u my number u little w***e ur gunna get raped by a bunch of old fat fuckheads with littltte weiners hey pervs get ready for black s*x in prison



  119. Guest28029641

    hi my name is jay chapman and I live in texas and my skpye is thebossisback22 and my number is 2106956463


  120. Guest27966755

     my name is bryson strong tall, want a girlfriend and  would like to get to know you. you can email me at


  121. Guest27944348

    im tryingtoget a girls number i live in vinita Oklahoma plz call my phone is messed up  ant get txt messagei can all  ray i play football i am  gamer im skinny  any girl pretty rl  like hang out or something plz  call this number  19183236460  me

  122. Guest27931431

    sup my name is mat i am a incredibbly strong boy at 13 i only weigh 140 but i bench 260 and squat 350 and i could beat the c**p out of all you frickin pervs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Guest27916922

    Aye, chick you ain't gonna find no s**y guy here aight, take it from me OK m 12 buff, cute and all that but gotta a gf... All these guys are prbly some geeks play in video games with glasses and 4 uh inch long braces, if your really that cute then go look at your freaking .... Its not that hard to get a relationship in middle school

  124. clothesbiz3


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  125. Guest27916184

     Hey I'm real hot according to all the girls I've been with would love to be with u text me at 07956377051 hope to hear s**y. x*x

  126. Guest27911956

     hey my names caleb im cute have black hair green eyes txt or call at 620 421 5145

  127. Guest27911947

    elijah reaves

  128. Guest27903229

    hey im kyle im lookin for someone i havebrown hair eyes please call 5088131753


  129. Guest27902772

     Hey well I'm Michael, 

    Im 14 and I can do lots of thing like..... Play guitar, drums Piano and more. As you can tell I love music. So my email is "" 

    Thanks, Michael 

  130. Guest27902356

     i am  a 12 year old boy and im looking for someone to date and want it to be a girl and if u r looking 4 a good guy e-mail me at


  131. Guest27902305

    Hello i am zeeshan my number is 03132016487 and iwant 13-14 years old girls numbers


  132. Guest27893729

    my name is terrick i live in oxford,mi i play basketball and soccer my phone number is 248-894-9639 so give me a call.


  133. Guest27892181
    i need a gf i dont care about the age unless it is like 9 and younger my number is 330-234-6788 i am 14 years old. Is there a girl that wants to date
  134. Guest27891106

    I'm an 11 year old boy that is looking for a girlfriend.I have brown eyes and blackish brown hair.I also have tan skin.My name is Levi.7745-583-7745



  135. Guest27889811

     Wow desperate much? Think about how many 40 yr old pervert guys youre gonna get on this. Find a guy in youre school not some stranger on the internet.

  136. Guest27889353


  137. Guest27884813

     I'm 11years old my name is Collin k I looking for a go call SMS (361)877-3142

  138. Guest27880477

    my name is preston and i am 14 years old my email is


  139. Guest27879287

    My name is tristan. I have a middle brown eye color,and black hair. My number is 309 255 7022


  140. wholemkt13


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  141. Guest27867747

    hi my name is bobby text me at 3124016772


  142. Guest27863607

    my name is logan my numb is 419 560 1532 give me a call


  143. Guest27853494

    hi im chris and i want to see you....

  144. Guest27852032

     I'm avi I'm 11 4'10 and I'm hot give me a call 5103883969




  145. Guest27827952

    my name is devon my number is 860-733-2338 and my email is i need a girlfriend hope to gear back bye

  146. Guest27826193

     my name is quinton carter im 12 years old and ready to have s*x. call me at 6356077


  147. Guest27825749

                                                                                            call me at 9046006710

    Im a hot 13 year old boy


  148. Guest27813701

    my name is mitchell im skinny brown eyes and brown hair

    407 432 8666

  149. Guest27747116


  150. Guest27737285

    im a 13 yearold boy lookin for agf

  151. Guest27737285

    my name is billy im 13 lookin for a gf

  152. Guest27737283

    You seem really hot and i'm looking for a gf. my name is Dakota - i love to surf, 14 years old, and abs like you wouldnt believe. Call me/text me anytime 864 237 1239