I'm a hot 12 year old girl looking for a hot 11-14 year old boyfriendI'm a hot 12 year old girl look

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My name is Ariana. I am a really hot 12 year old girl. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, im tan & im skinny. I am looking for a cute/hot/s**y 12 year old boy who wants to be my boyfriend. If you are interested PLEASE leave your name, cellphone number and/or email so I can contact you. (I'll also accept cute/hot/s**y boys ages 11-14)

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  1. Guest28449605

     Hi Sweetheart ! No 12 year old is hot so you had better watch it on here before some child molester gets a hold of you and sexually assults you ! You need to be a teen before you become a hot teenager ! Hot girls have big b***s , small waists and big butts which you do not have ! If your so s**y and hot then how come your on here trying to get a boy ? If your so great then you would have hot boys without coming on here bragging about not having a boy ! Some adult may report you on here for saying things about yourself that are not true !  Thanks 

  2. Guest28443846

   and I'd love to be your boyfriend


  3. Guest28441709

     my name is jasyn and I and 14 years old I am very sweet to girls I don't say yes to many girls but u seem like the one my number is 970-364-8087 pls text me I would be glad to have u


  4. Guest28427585

     If ur still single I'm 12 and will get to know you I play hockey and am getting stronger and I have abs.

  5. Guest28427497

    HI MY NAME IS ISIAH IM 14 my number is 8125280103

  6. Guest28426441

     I am a hot 12 year old boy who is looking for a nice girl that is hot with a nice body. I need a relation ship that increased in intensity. My number is 9709466922. Email me at

  7. Guest28426150

     hey im 12 im really hot im looking for a nice girl with a nice body that you know wanna text and hang out and send nudes my number is 6827025054 text me anytime



  8. Guest28424184

    I'm Sonja McDonell, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with current 13 oversea towns, very tender with lots of fantasies in my wonderful job. I search girls & sisters +/- 5 years of my age. When you're younger, we must first speak about your desires.

  9. Guest28420583

     iam there for but I know you won't mind if you mind my WhatsApp number 8113800241 iam 13 year I think you will be hot I guess. After getting my number pls contact and send me photo of yours may be we can lead a better relation.

  10. Guest28419870

     im dylan  im 12 and looking for a girlfriend my email is i lve in sparks nevada so... hmu


  11. Guest28419476


    12 year old and hot


    u ust be joking 








  12. Guest28419441


     My name is Adrian and Im 12 years old and Im a single male looking for a s**y girlfriend and my email

  13. Guest28415834
  14. Guest28415777

     My nt a name is Kalvin e-mail is I need s*x baby I got a duck gets for you momu

  15. Guest28414267

    My name is Sonja McDonell, 23, stewardess Swiss Airlines with 13 oversea towns. I am very tender with many fantasies, also in my wonderful work. I want to meet young inexperienced girls, who want to learn L*****n s*x with me and some of our stewardesses in our vacations. Tell me your ages, how you want to learn it & where. We're flexible and we had never complaints in our towns.

  16. Guest28399995

     I'm 14 single looking for a girl friend hot nice my phone number is 715-303-7100 my email I'm name is Ricky

  17. Guest28398591


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  18. Guest28398468

     Hey I'm 13 my name's Ben you can kik me at dp4n 

  19. Guest28384378

     I am Kashmir I am12 and i am looking for a girl 908 391 0484

  20. Guest28383195

     Im 11 and I have black hair brown eyes skinney my name is elijah my phone number is 252-767-9784

  21. Guest28362127