I'm a 14-year-old girl looking for a 13-14 boyfriend :)

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I'm a 14-year-old girl looking for a 13-14 boyfriend :)

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  1. Guest28233260

    im looking a for boyfiend   my age 13-14 my phone number 276-692-8321 call or text

  2. Guest28164160
    Hi my name is Ryan and I'm looking for a 13-15 year old girl give me a call 609-439-1586
  3. Guest28096598
    Hey im 13 and im lookin for a girl 13 -15 and has to be nice and sweet give me a call 8329161845
  4. Guest28089292

     Hay Jesse I just sent a txt to you I dont now if you got it so if you did plz reply thanks 

  5. Guest28063198

     Im mike and i am very athletic and i love to treat girls lik their my princess txt me at 6304642061

  6. ccmalls21


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  7. Guest28056451

     Hi I'm brenden here's my # 2188499145


  8. Guest28055149

     Hi my name is Jacob Wilson.  I am 14, 6ftt, and caring.  Please contact me at 3238543323 or at my facebook Jacob Wilson.  :)

  9. Guest28052937

     i'M 15 if you wanna talk message see ya

  10. Guest28046170
    my name is preston i have music talent and i play sports email me at
  11. Guest28037524

     im hot and musically talented, text me at 5859533728

  12. Guest27998601
    Kik me JAF0410 in 14 and want a gf I have a 6-pack and am very sporty
  13. Guest27815943

    hey, im a stock broker, and take my word, ive been through alot of guys who say this stuff, dont buy it, my mame is sarah, and be careful.

  14. Guest27547111

    Do even talk to any of theses boys I wanna txt u but if I do u won't talk to me my number is 417 622 2969

  15. Guest27449231

    my namz jesse i am 14 im loving, carring and a good listener no matter what. wanna kno more just hit me up at 575-430-1149.

  16. Guest27388054

    yo text me at 706 669 4319 i give you the best life ever and i im a loving guy

  17. Guest27344824

    im only 12 but if u change your mind txt me at 9203703189 or email me at

  18. Guest25015194

    i am 13 years old and looking for a girlfreind my name is matthew email me at

  19. Guest25003377

     Hey, my name is Bill. I am 14 years old. I'm looking for a girl friend right now. My number is 724-261-1775 or email me at

  20. Guest24998257

    i am a sinky girl for a skiny boyfriend

  21. Guest24998257

    i am a skink girl

  22. Guest24992741
    hey im 14 im lookin for a 15-13 year old girl who lives kentucky? i have brownish black hair i am athletic. my email is
  23. Guest24882846

    Hello! My name's Case Lucchi! I am a cute 13 year old boy looking for a hot chick like you! email me at

  24. dhkgduya

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  25. Guest24827536
    heyy, im a cute 14 year old guy, send me a text. my number is 1-815-245-2645
  26. Guest24772758
    i am 13 text me a pic of you and i will send you a pic of me my number is 205-529-2759
  27. Guest24771254
    hi my name is ozzy text me a pic of you 2055292759
  28. Guest24269613

    yo im 14 we should talk my # is 1347 430 0725

  29. Guest23957486
    hey im a 13 year old boy looking for a girl text me at 1661-992-9967
  30. Guest23497718
    im a 14 yo boy, text me 828-448-5017

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