I'm a 13 year old girl looking for a 13-14 year old boyfriend

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Hi! I'm wondering if any 13-14 yr. old guy would want to be my new bf. I'm brunette, with brown eyes, and I am athletic, sweet, and a fun person to be around. If you're interested, email me at so we can exchange pics and talk. Thanks!~

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  1. Guest28264271

  2. Guest28259646
    I'm a 14 year old boy and is looking for a girlfriend who is 13-15 years old I like gaming and is going to be making youtube videos my kik is derail84 and I'm shy
  3. Guest28245379

    I'm 13 soon to be 14 LOOKING A FOR BOYFRIEND  I HAVE FACEBOOK  MY IS PHONE NUMBER 276-692-8321 
  4. Guest28141357

     I'm 13 soon to be 14 I would date you I have no email but my number is 423 736 2069 and I am a guy I will go to east high next year

  5. Guest28139683
    hey I am 13 I would date you like if you like to talk or something
  6. Guest28139578

     my names morgan and my number is 14124282118

  7. Guest28136130

    I am 14 and I am looking for someone

  8. Guest28105776
    Hi I'm a girl I'm 12 looking 4 a bf that is 12-14 if u live in the USA in new jersey call me or txt me @ 862-772-6350
  9. Guest28096595
    Hey im a 13 year old boy looking for a girl if someone is interested give me a call and ill tell u more
  10. Guest28081876

     hey if you would like a athletic cool fun nice guy to go out with you can call me im 13 and my phone number is 248-212-3773

  11. Guest27873224

    hey i'm 13 to talk to me some time just go to facebook and look for chris gayman:)

  12. Guest27850952

    hey i will date u heres my number 417-262-2317 if u r interested


  13. Willms smith

    This is not fixed age for making a Boy and girl friend.

  14. Guest27325633

    The guy with this number: 417-350-3574 (Logan) is in jail for 30 years. I'm 13 and had fallen for him. He told me his name was Logan, we started talking, and I literally thought he was 13, and then my 22 year old friend saved my life from him! It all started when me and Logan got into a fight..and when we used to get along, he said he would travel to my state every summer..and since we were fighting, I was scared he might do something to me this summer, so I told my friend about it. He called the police and I found out Logan was really a 48 year old molester, and my friend literally threatned to shoot him with his gun, but since Logan kept moving, he couldn't shoot him, so he used something called uzi?? Idk what that is, or if that even is the right name, but i'm just happy i'm not dead..From now on, i'm never giving out personal information to anyone I know again. I am never going to talk rto anyone I don't know again, either. I'm pretty sure I learned quite a lesson. So no matter what, people that really are kids on here, don't trust anyone. You gotta trust me on this. A deal is a deal. Please! You are risking your life just by telling your first name to someone you don't know!

  15. Guest27307231

    hi my name is talents are chior football. and track i live in little rock arkansas im a black haired brown eyes african american (my ansesters are from jamaca) i can be reached on facbook name is jordan allen whitney (had 8 girlfriends since i was 1) but stll looken for the right one give me a shout


  16. Guest27086086

     What's up I'm 13and looking for a girl.

  17. Guest26408253

    im 13 in lvonia michigan and go to emerson

  18. Guest25840610

    I`m  13 years old and my name is mide i live CA,Fontana and i need a new girl freined who`s in 7nth grade that goes East Heritage Intermidiate school.

  19. Guest25348181

    im 13 athletic black hair green eyes im really nice would u be interested in me my email is or my phone number is 3098407024

  20. Guest25015972

    im not the same girl that asked the question, but to the taylor lautner guy YESS i'll be ur gf!! i think taylor lautner's hot, by the way so ur prob. hot, too

  21. Guest25015925

    I'm very atheletic look like Taylor Lautner will yhu go out with me?

  22. Guest24920542

    i will be your bf

  23. Guest23956231
    if these aren't pedophiles then George bush was never president.
  24. Guest23953387

    i won a boyfriend call me at 3617676595

  25. Guest23622325

    my name is caleb im a basketball player im fun hilariouse and im fun to be around

  26. Guest23615215

    hey i dont know if it whent through but i would like to chat with u when ever u whant.


  27. Guest23612999

    is your name eliza if it is than i texted you one of the days after we talked and it said [SERVICE ERROR 305 MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED or FURTHER MESSAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT] so ya its logan. im just wondering watsup and if we can still talk or something i hope we can get in touch again bye.

  28. Guest23588471

    hi im logan im 13 i live in missouri possibily the worst state in the world i have brown hair blue eyes im in a GEMS program its for kids with high IQ's dont think im a nerd or anything because of it though im funny im fun to be around and im not like most guys [im not thinking about getting in girls pants 24\7] i like girls for what they are not what they have if your interested call or text me at 417 350 3574. thx.

  29. Guest23588471

    hi my name is logan i live in missouri [possibily the worst state in the world] i have brown hair blue eyes im fun to be around i love to make people luagh and my hobbies include swimming riding my bike and hanging out with my friends and unlike ALOT of guys i dont think about getting in girls pants 24\7 i like girls for what they are not what they have. if your interested call or text me at 417 350 3574. thx hope we talk soon.

  30. Guest23479050


    Hey my names shane young im 13, single and realy nice.iv been looking 4 girls and so far your the first on my list.u sound nice and i want to give it a shot.


  31. Guest23479050

    Hey im 13 single and realy nice.iv been looking 4 girls and so far and your the first on my list.u sound nice and i want to give it a shot.

  32. Guest23140990


  33. Guest22863024
    Hello im James, although i go by tuft (on account of a tuft of hair that never seems to stay down) sometimes. I am not what you would call "athletic" although recently i have been working out. as for humor, i am more wry and cynical than anything else. as for looks, that is a matter of opinion, and i dont want to sound narcissistic. I love reading, videogames, rock climbing, and Warhammer 40,000. my email is
  34. Guest22817716

     hey i am a 13 yr old boy it seems that we have alot in comon,i like to play football and take runs

    most people find me funny and charming but yet i am rather tall because i am 6 feet tall i would like to talk i like to stay real cause i would like to know more about u

  35. Guest22714637

    hi i am interested please reply

  36. Guest22711311

    Hi i would love to, you seem like my type and so far i like everything about you,

    I like athletics, somebody who's funny to be around, likes getting cuddled and loves talking

    please call me at 07554912036

    because sadly my email has went bust.

    if youre interested

  37. Guest22608174

    im james, im 13 years old, im fun, but some might think im a bit imature, but i like having fun, please email me at thx :)


  38. Guest22504683

     how r u doin my name is monte i am very funny, very cute,very smart and, athletic but enough about me let me hear about u from your desciption i can tell u r wat u say u r so here is my number if u wanna txt me 336-402-1140 and i will b emailing u

                                                                                              love, monte 

                                                                                                              ps: i look 4ward to talkin 

                                                                                                                  with u ;-)


  39. Guest22486414

    Hey my names Trevor you can e-mail me at or texted me 478-442-3807

  40. Guest22481591

    hi my name is jhereme and your the one i need im very fun to be around athletic and careing i`ve been looking all over for girls that match me and i think i came to an end would u be interested in me ?

  41. Sorrel

    I'm not sure. Send me an email, and we can chat? :3

  42. Guest22454708

    I'm 14 and pretty fun to be around to, would u be interested in me?

  43. Guest22454003

    hey im a 13 year old too, my name's woody would u be interested in me

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