I'm a 12 year old girl in texas looking for a 12 year old boy is anyone interested?

by Guest23350882  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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if u r a 12 year old boy,and a real one in texas,tell me your email or phone number.the reason i said real 12 year old boy iz cuz there r pple on the internet who:
1)pretend to be kids
2)just want personal information so they can kidnap,rape,kill/murder u,etc...
3)there r predators out there
so only answer this question if u truly r a kid...don't answer if ur not a kid cuz then i'll report you...4REAL!!!

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  1. Guest27727011

     to the person below: she has a boyfriend now(she didnt find him on here) and she even told me herself looking for bf's on the internet is stupid! i'm her friend and she is pretty, no offense but if she saw that she would get hurt.. how would u feel if someone never even saw ur face and their already judging u saying ur prob. not pretty? i mean, that would hurt u, right?

  2. Guest27726864
    Person beneath this answer . The girl that commented is highly right she is stupid and she's a hoe if she's going around on the internet looking for boyfriends and she must not be pretty cuz if she was she would have a boyfriend in real life already . Its gross to post questions like these . Get a life. Well at least a better one
  3. Guest27567268

     Guest27502838 um she is NOT a stupid hoe.. she is being careful on the internet, and wants a explain this to me: how is THAT being a s***k, hoe, and a b***h? Just be nice to people. Don't judge, don't hate, don't fight, just be happy and live your life. K bye (gonna go to YouTube!!!!!)  :D!!

  4. Guest27502838
    Ew whoever created this is a stupid wh ore and I have no respect for u . Ur a hoe and ur probably really hideous and every1 who dislikes this idgaf and every1 tht says oh she's hot . Ur lying like a b***h becuz the idiot who made this question is a fuckinq troll who needs to get a life u ugly bi tch
  5. Epic_Julian

     Im a great kisser

    Im popular at school

    I show my affection for the one i love

    And will do anything for the one i love

    Text me at 915-443-2090

  6. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    I know the girl that asked this question, but we know some of you are perverts and are pretending to be little boys so she is just gonna stick with a boy she knows at school not from some other state or maybe even country. I can give u her email, though she doesn't mind me doing that because that's nothing bad compare to giving a CELL NUMBER

  7. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    u-know-who likes you

  8. Guest24999416

    my friend says ur s**y & he wants ur # and any guy who hits on u will get knocked out just sayin' itz truuee

  9. Guest24998606

     back off hoez she is mine.U think ur better than me? well lets see bout that whorezz. these are 7 true facts about me that you should know:

    1) I am a straight A student.

    2) im in sports(very talented)

    3) I'm popular

    4) Im not a perv. online (unlike some of y'all)

    5) Im hot

    6) A good kisser

    7) im better than you. Need i say more? You better watch it. Make one move with her and i'll knock you out and punch ur frickin' face



  10. Guest24987443

    i love you


  11. Guest24957649

     People,I asked this question,and that was stupid. And i think all u boys who answered this should go find someone you actually know. If not,meet someone at school....Lol:<D And i already have a boyfriend and we go to the same school. Well,peace cuz im on YouTube

  12. lyls86

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  13. fgkes

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  14. lsly19

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  15. Guest24922362

    i agree with u,bro. and eliza,its nathan from ur 1st period,3rd period,4th period,and 9th period. peace.

  16. Skyler

    oh wow thats nice,lol. the thing is she has a BF here! well anyways if u want 2 talk 2 eliza i prefer at school lol.

  17. Guest24922356

    itz nathan no i dont like her i was jk i only like her as friends i just wanted 2 c her reaction...cuz girls fall 4 stuff like that (no offence). but i know someone who truly likes her 4 real

  18. Skyler

    i dont even know natalie i ain't askin' her out! and nathan do u really like eliza yes or no

  19. CoolGirl95

    oh yeah and skyler nathan isnt a stalker on one of the answers here i said my name remember and plus he gets on this website a lot he told me  but the one i know told me tht..idk which nathan im talking 2 here.cuz i know 2 of them

  20. CoolGirl95

    and this is 2 nathan: i am going out with marc lopez.if u really go 2 my skewl,u no that one guy everyone keeps talking about? well thats and which nathan r u? nathan hernandez or nathan de la rosa? i know 2,thats why.

  21. CoolGirl95

    hey skyler i dare u 2 ask natalie out

  22. Skyler

    oh and this is 2 eliza: i <3 natalie:)

  23. Skyler

    im eliza's friend and nathan ur a stalker how did u no "eliza" asked this question? Lol.

  24. Guest24922346

    im jealous because ily and whos skyler. . . oh and i go 2 ur skewl just so u know...remember me itz nathan!! :)

  25. CoolGirl95

    Lol oh wow skyler who do u like and Guest24922338
     why are u jealous

  26. Skyler

    i know im jealous too lol jk i like someone else:)

  27. Guest24922338

    yo y u have a bf im jealouse

  28. CoolGirl95

    and yo logan (guy with this number 4173503574)i dont have my phone anymore so i cant talk to you now and idc if were not friends i have a life so whatever(:

  29. CoolGirl95

    hey i'm the same girl that asked this question,but sorry i have a boyfriend now,his name is Marc. we've been going out for like almost have a year already now!:)

  30. lyls30

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  31. Skyler

    d**n,theres lots of girls who wants boyfriends,here! ;/

  32. Guest24568300

    me? :/

  33. Guest24545103

    sorry peoplez but she is going out with me. my name is marc lopez. and we've known eachother since elementary school. P.S. i think she is better off going out with someone in PERSON,not just through texting or calling. thats all stupid. anyways she is HAWT

  34. Guest24537848

    Jaden Smith would look good with a texas girl. he is a californian,and she is a texan. How hoawt iz dat?

  35. Guest24537842
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  36. Guest24537824

    i'm honestly 12 and i live in texas also. call me at 5536601

  37. Guest24537803

    the dude with the number 417-350-3574 is this person's friend. i no cuz imma stalker. lol JK. but anyways she is taken losarz lol JK sorry.your loss not mine. :)

  38. Guest24516855

    im her bf now.,i go to her feaking school. name is marc lopez,fyi.this girls realllly HaWT

  39. Guest24261960

    im 13 and need girl freind i ask my prev girlfriend to get naked she said no then took off her bra and panteis wow she is hot then she bends over showing 2 holes then i stick my finger in her p***y and she slaps me i said we are have s*x ok so longstorey short she left  me

  40. Guest24089565

    yea, this isnt a police sting...

  41. Guest24001137

    i'm a good kisser...but i hav a gf named'll hav 2 fite 4 me if u want me...srrY!

  42. Guest23679028

    i'm 12 what's ur name and where u live.

  43. Guest23604480


    Wanna know why?I have reasons,girl:

    1)i'm hot

    2)i'm amazing

    3)i'm sweet

    4)i'm loving

    5)i'm caring

    6)i'm s**y

    7)i'm cute

    8)i'm popular

    9)i'm a great kisser

    10)i am kind

    11)i'm amazing

    12)i am nice

    13)i'm cool

    14)i have never been in love...<33

  44. Guest23600486

    i'm a hot s**y funny cool groovy awesome and amazing 12 year old guy please go out with me, me at 3367724

  45. Guest23591731

    hey,it's bryce cass i need a girlfriend u know i live in texas like madison pettis ritee?what city u in?i wanna get to no u..den ask u out!


  46. Guest23588304

    im not from texas im from missouri [still in missouri] im seriosly 12 swear so text or call me at 417 350 3574

  47. Guest23588339

    im 12 what city do you live in


  48. Guest23352336






    u r 1 word: M-I-N-E...

    i'll create an account on here,then comment,then u can email me,or if u have an account 2,u can message me.Peace Out.C Ya in the meantime..



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