Husband wants to wear plastic pants to bed is this harmless

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Husband wants to wear plastic pants to bed is this harmless

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  1. Guest28447808

     While talking with my husbands mother and sister they told me he wore plastic pants to bed until he was 11 years old for a bedwetting problem. His mother said he looked so cute and babyish in them at night. I laughed and said I'm sure he did. We all agreed that men are nothing but overgrown babies. I went home and decided I would try to get my husband to wear plastic pants to see how cute he would look. I purchased adult size plastic pants in different colors and with nursery prints. I thought it may be hard to talk him into wearing them. He submitted easier than I thought and became very aroused especially when when I told him he was such a baby and very cute.

  2. Guest28447249

     My husband wears adult size baby pants at night and he get very excited when I put them on him and tell him he's still a baby.

  3. Guest28446669

    My husband doesn't like to wear them but I make him wear them because he sometimes wet the bed. He wears lined rubberpants similar to what a a young child not completely night trained would wear. I put them on him at every night telling him he has to wear them until he can stat dry all the time. I even have bought more babyish ones in prints to see if that makes him stop. He complains when I put them on him but I notice he gets erect when I'm putting them on him and more often then not we have had s*x while he is in his rubberpants 

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  6. Guest28438270

     I agree I wore rubberpants or plastic pants and had my first o****m and many more while wearing them. The feeling softness and aroma used to excite me and still does to this day

  7. Guest28437819

     Most men that are into wearing plastic pants or as many call them rubberpants had to wear them as children for bedwetting and got attached to the feeling softness and smell of the babypants and probably had their first erections and orgasms while masturbating in the babypants and still are turned on by them. It is really quite harmless

  8. Guest28434446

     My husband gets very excited when I put his plastic pants on him. His mom kept him in plastic pants until he was 12 years old. He told me this before we were married. Ive been told by his mother that she thought she would never get him out of diapers and plastic pants. Little does she know that he still wears plastic  and enjoys it

  9. Guest28431847

     My husband likes to wear plastic pants also. The more babyish they are the more he likes them. He gets really horny when I tell he looks like a cute little baby and we have torrid s*x with him in still wearing his baby pants while I rub the back of his plastic pants.

  10. Guest28431529

     Im sure it's harmless how coud a man wearing baby rubberpants  be dangerous. If he enjoys babypants it's  a lot better  than alot of otherthings men do. Knowing his secret keeps hi faithful to you

  11. Guest28430527

     Let him wear them if he enjoys them. Just baby him when he is wearing rubberpants let him know he's still a baby and needs your attention 

  12. Guest28429936

     My husband of over 30 years told me about his fetish for plastic pants  (rubber pants) before we were married. I wasn't really into it in the beginning but when I  saw how much  power it gave me over him I changed my mind. I told him I was in charge of what I told him were his baby pants and he would be put into when I wanted him in them. I couldn't believe how excited he would get when I put them on him and the s*x has been great all these years especially when he is nursery print baby pants 

  13. Guest28429813

     My husband was also shamed by his mother for bedwetting.  He told me all his neighbors would tease him when they would see his rubberpants on the clothesline saying r you still wearing baby pants. He today me he had his first o****m in baby pants and he still enjoys it when I put them on him and baby him

  14. Guest28429806

     My husband of over 35 years loves his baby pants. He was shamed by his mother for  bedwetting for years she told everyone he still a baby and wore diapers. He told me this before we were married and I've put rubberpants on him every night and he is very loveable in them.





  15. Guest28429354

     I thought I was the only woman whose husband likes wearing rubberpants or baby pants as say to him when I put them on him at night. His mother kept him in rubberpants for bedwetting until he was a teenager. He gets so excited in his baby pants and is very lovable when wearing them. I'm in complete agreement that he needs them and will do whatever i want him to do when he is wearing rubberpants 

  16. Guest28429308

     After I married my husband many years ago I discovered he had a minor bedwetting problem which he would release a little urine some nights. To help with the problem and to save on washing I informed him he would have to start wearing  rubberpants to bed. He did not know at the time that my mother knew he wore them at night until he was a teenager and told told me to buy him rubberpants. He was reluctant to wear them unless I put them on him at night. I told him I had no problem doing it.   I noticed right away while putting the rubberpants on him how excited he became and how much our s*x life improved. It was very hard hiding it from our children but we managed. I buy all his rubberpants and he wears what I pt on him which consist on many babyish pairs  side the the children are al gone off on their own

  17. Guest28429079

     My husband of many years also has a fixation for baby's rubberpants. He also developed it because him mother kept him in diapers and rubberpants. She gets really excited when I tell He has to rubberpants because he is still my baby. He enjoys me diapering him and allowing to nurse on my breast as fore play to s*x great s*x.After s*x I rediaper him and put his rubberpants on and he sleeps like a baby Ba

  18. Guest28428347

     My husband told me before we got married he enjoyed wearing baby style plastic pants. We talked about it and told me he didn't know exactly why but he wore diapers and plastic pants for bedwetting because his mother made himwear them unti he was ten. He said  he wore plastic pants until I was dry at night at 14. I told him I was fine with it as long as I controlled when he would wear them. He said fine. I then checked with his mother to make sure he was telling the truth. His mother confirmed it and to me he still had some minor accidents. She said when he was wearing plastic pants she had control of him because he didn't want anyone to know he wore baby pant. So needless to say I put them on him and found out the plastic pants excited him and our s*x life is great and I'm in control of when he is wearing them. I tell he is cute in them and I love him. It is harm less and he would never cheat as I have pictures of him in his plastic pants. He gets very erotic when I put  his plastic pants on him and rub his pants 

  19. Guest28428318

     When I was getting  married to my husband his family had a bridal  shower from me. One of the gift boxes frm his family contained a rubber sheet and 4 pairs of babyish plastic pants. I thought it was a joke but his mother and his sister's today me he was a bedwetters until he was 14 and not often but still  occasionally has lapses. Something hr failed to tell me. He was shocked on our wedding night when I took them out of my suit case and put them on him. 20 years later I'm still putting  them on him

  20. Guest28423013

     I put my husband in rubber pants for minor night  wetting it not only is harmless but gives me control of him. I just love babying him and he looks so cute in his nursery print rubber pants

  21. Guest28416115

     I love putting my husband plastic pants over his diapers. He looks so babyish and is very lovable when in his plastic pants.

  22. Guest28405557

    When I started wearing plastic pants to bed I found that I fall asleep more easily, sleep better, and wake up feeling better. It took my wife some time to get used to the idea, but she found out that when I sleep better, she can sleep better too. Now I've slept in plastic pants every night for ten years. So not only is it harmless, it may be a good thing for both of you.

  23. Guest28345067

     I would rather have my husband wearing plastic pants then having s*x with other woman21

  24. Guest28327743

     My husband got addicted to wearing plasticpants because his mother made him wear them for bedwetting. His mother used to tell him he was baby and had to wear baby pants which she would put on him up to age of 12 when he stopped wetting the bed. I now at times will put them on him to make him feel good. I also knew about it before we 

  25. Guest28325651

     Put him in Cloth diapers and plastic pants

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