Human Furniture by David Blazquez

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Human Furniture by David Blazquez

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  1. Maira
    If you ever wanted to get yourself some new furniture to do up your drawing room then, you can’t settle for anything better than “human furniture” by David Blazquez (Read: Human furniture here is only an art of photography). This unprecedented photography exhibit is on display at El Fotomata in Sevilla, Spain. The exhibition displays a series of photographs, in which David attempts to challenge humans with the nude form of the human body posing as inanimate objects. The dominant appeal is the nude form per se, which sends out its message clearly and yet through utter silence. David’s work contests the idea if humans were ever inanimate objects capable of being still as opposed to the boisterous demeanor. On the contrary, it also argues that humans can be possibly watched by other objects such as, a table, the computer or a television set. This is quite weird but nevertheless, thought provoking. The idea of representing humans in the form of furniture is interesting whilst David’s work need to be praised and acknowledged. To do so, you must perhaps visit the exhibition and appreciate the beautiful work of art.

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