Hugh Hefner files for divorce.

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Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce from his estranged wife Kimberly Conrad Hefner. He is 83-years-old and lives in the Playboy Mansion with three girlfriends and has not lived with his wife for over 10 years. Kimberly Conrad is 47 and, of course, was a former Playmate of the Year and they have two sons together.
As of 2009 Hef is dating a set of 19 year old identical twins.
Hefner is filing for divorce stating irreconcilable differences and has said that he only stayed married to her for the sake of his children.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how jammy is Hugh Hefner?

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  1. Phillothen
    But it's not really 'dating' is it. I mean, the twins are just after his money and, possibly, stash of cigars and I highly doubt if Hugh is capable of anything other than lying down with the curtains closed for a nice afternoon nap.

  2. jamie.nazareth
    Hefner is currently dating the 19 year old identical twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon as well as Crystal Harris. The guy is 83. I don't think the combined age of his three 'girlfriends' even adds up to anywhere near his real age. Ridiculous.
  3. markjones
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