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by Shahid Nauman  |  11 years, 9 month(s) ago

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The design is one the coolest designs on the Web, Light and Cool. Can any one analyze and suggest how and what can be improved in its design.

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  1. orton
    The site is cool.I have given a try of every kind and search it alot.The kind of questions and answers they are having.One thing there is missing and i.e. there should be an entertainment category also.

  2. Zak
    the website- fails on internet explorer, seems to work fine on 'firefox' needs to be fixed- other than that isn't so bad, the colours are friendly along with the layout. have a nice day.
  3. Guest10974446
    a job well done! the icons are very cool. colors are soothing. can you please make it works well in ie6, because i am getting some problems in ie6.
  4. awaisj
    Excellent design!!! Kudos to the *new* MayBeNow Team. You guys did a wonderful job!!!
  5. May be Now
    I also dislike verification process to post question but it is necessary for Guest and user otherwise lot of publicity and junk will come like orkut
  6. Kyle Stone
    Of course the desighn is awsome.Its one of the best desighens available but the worst thing i have experienced like other people is verification part....can something be done to overcome the problem
  7. adam
    shahid jani u did it dude,u know i often ask u about this whn u wr working on its's g8 yar,and congrat to u and to ur team........
  8. adam
    this is g8,i love this site but the worst thing in it is to post anythng u have to go through the verification process,
  9. Mark Jones
    Maybenow is good, but i dont like the verification. It gets annoying after a while. Can you get rid of it? I know it blocks spam and stuff, but it should only show up for guests
  10. Shahid Nauman
    Also Thanks to Jazzy... You have asked, Where one can add people and how can one check his/her own ranking? So, The answers are You can Add/Become A Fan of People by going to there Profile by clicking on their Link displayed on right side of the page, or search for a particular guide through top Search Bar, and then go to their Profile, and click the "Become a Fan". You can also "Subscribe" for certain guide from here, which means Any new updates of his/her activities on is reported to you... The second question was quite easy. You can look to your ranking by going to your profile, whose link is present at the top... Hope, you would be satisfied with these answers, if you have any more questions, then let me know...
  11. Shahid Nauman
    Haseeb, Thanks for your appreciation buddy... For James & others, This Website is actually a Human-Powered Search Engine... You might have gone around Google and other, but they are just a Content-based search Engines... The main objective of is to "Crawl the minds of the people, not the content on the web"... I think, you have got my point, that's why you often look creepy postings on But for relevant contents, Search as much you can, and you will definitely find good content also...
  12. haseeb
    shah sahib this for wat u use to sit till 3Am but buddy it was worth it.James buddy no one is asking stupid questions its JUst every one also likes to have Fun and for serious topics there are serious question no offence....
  13. Jazzy Abbasi
    Good Job Shah G and the team, GOOOOOD JOB!!! Oh by the way how can we add people and how can a person check his/her own ranking?
  14. James
    Yeah , its good but instead of asking funny or stupid questions you guys must post some informative stuff. Thats of i think.
  15. Business Guru
    this is great
  16. Guest11077
    You guys did a good job for real, not only it looks good but it loads so fast.
  17. Guest11077
    You guys did a good job for real, not only it looks good but it loads so fast.
  18. Guest11050
    Its awesome! looks cool. not heavy on eyes, soothing yet elegant. Maybenow team did good work on design
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