How was Steve Martin performance at Capitol Fourth?

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Hi, I am looking for the details about the performance of Steve Martin at Capitol Fourth. I liked Steve a lot as an actor as well as a singer and now want to know about the performance of Steve Martin at Capitol Fourth. Kindly provide me the required information. I am waiting for your quick answer to my question. Thanks in advance.

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    A Capitol fourth was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of melodies and fireworks in Washington, DC. Considered a time respected custom, persons from round the homeland melody into to watch the performances and contemplate on the homeland all while glimpsing the large monuments in the city. The melodious influences on the display provided every individual a glimpse of all the genres found in America and while distributing the widespread topic of celebrating America’s independence. Steve Martin was only steps from the United States Capitol and he dragged out his banjo to play. The gifted player is furthermore an instrumentalist and provided an astonishing presentation with The Steep Canyon Rangers on the Monday evening commemoration on PBS called A Capitol Fourth. Cracking an antic at the starting of the set, Steve Martin boosted persons to vocalize along with they could find out the phrases to the wordless number beginning off with the group. Most followers at dwelling who observed the display reside were alarmed to glimpse Martin with a banjo as his newest vocation isn’t well renowned to those who love his movies.

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