How to write a business report?

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I want to know that how to write a business report? Is there anyone who knows about this I have searched a lot but cannot find it on internet?

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    Report writing requires writing skills, professionalism, and knowledge of the research topic. Successful report writing lays in the writing skills that you can reveal during your work. This article presents report writing guidelines as the way to get successful results in your writing. 1. The first thing that should be noted in report writing guidelines is the definition of a report. A report is a reflection paper of your research on a topic. It is a critical analysis of the information that you found, and your own conclusions on the results of the research. 2. What style will correspond to this kind of writing? The report writing guideline on a style follows the purpose of a report. Your report should be written for definite readers. Choose the style of your report according to the audience. Use clear professional terms, watch your grammar, and make your conclusions argumentative. 3. The next report writing guideline is objectivity. You should state your conclusions on the basis of the known information. Support your ideas with quotes and references to the scholars of authority. Your arguments should be convincing and scientifically substantiated. 4. Take precision as a guideline of report writing. Your will have a lot of information. But your task is to pick up the most important information which will help you to draw to the conclusions. Do not use too long quotes. 5. The next guideline of report writing is simplicity. Readers like understandable information. Do not use difficult definitions. Explain special terms that you use. Report writing guidelines include a clear, accurate, logic, and concise style of informative presentation. These report writing guidelines are expected to be helpful for you. Follow the guidelines of report writing while writing your report paper to avoid some errors.

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