How to write a Graphic Design Business Proposal?

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Anyone have idea that how to write a Graphic Design Business Proposal? If someone have any information about this please share it.

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  1. Business Analyst
    The graphic designer writes a proposal to try to get the chance to bid on a project or to get an interview with the decision maker. A good graphic design proposal should follow a particular sequence of steps. Following steps has to be followed by a Graphic designer to write a Business Proposal: 1: Begin with a clear objective. Graphic design proposals don't have to be long. They just have to convey your purpose in writing to the company. First, state your objective. Describe the problem or need you feel the business has, and then provide a solution based on your experience and skills. 2: Express what you can do for the business by providing benefit statements that convey lasting solutions. Your proposal should show how your graphic design skills would help their image in the community, their overall business and their bottom line. 3: Showcase your skills with samples and illustrations. Be flashy, original and creative. Your proposal should be as attractive and original as the final product you hope to create for the business. If you've created similar projects for other companies, say so in your text and show samples of past work. However, remember to keep the proposal focused on the particular business at hand and how you can help them, not on your past experience. Only mention what is relevant, and keep it short. 4: Be concise and clear. Your graphic design proposal should be concise and to the point, yet it should also provide enough information to answer any questions the company might have. Put yourself in their shoes and provide the facts you know they will want. Follow the journalistic pattern of answering the "who, what, where, when, why and how" of the project in question. 5: Call for action. Your final step is to persuasively call the reader to take action on the proposal. Provide your phone numbers, email address and any other contact information. Invite them to your website and let them know you'd be happy to discuss further details and information via a formal interview and presentation.

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