How to write Film Dissertation?

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Film dissertation writing is becoming very popular. Can someone tell me the tips to write an effective film dissertation?

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  2. Frank Jackman

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  3. Education Expert
    Film dissertation is not hard to write. Who wouldn’t love to write about film classics that have captured the imagination of millions! A film dissertation is not about writing the summary of the movie. Here are important points you should do when you are writing a film dissertation. Write about the history of the movie: When was the movie made. What was the original idea behind the movie? Who made it? Write about the events when making the movie: What happened during production. How did the movie fare: Was it a success or a failure? How did the audience receive it? Finally the most important: What message did the movie convey and what were its after effects on the audience: Movies like James Dean, Gone with the wind, Casablance, The God father, Rocky, Shawshank redemption all were great movies but they left a great impression. They invoked such emotion that it had a lasting effect on the mind and soul of a human. James Dean was a movie that invoked a rebellious attitude in generations to come. Rocky invoked a never say die attitude. That no matter how hard the odds Once can always fight back. And there are many other movies that are classics that we remember with fond memory.

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