How to unsync ipod from another itune library

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when I connect my ipod to my computer it gives me a message that says my ipod is synced to another itunes library do I want to sync to the current itune library,but if I do that it will erase all my songs

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  1. Guest22503808

     Ok, I figured out the answer to your question.

    Press the top right hand corner 'file' button then press the "transfer purchases from you ipod". This will copy everything on you ipod to you computer. Then transfer the everything plus your new app or music or what ever onto you ipod.

    I think that if the apps and music on the computer and the ipod are the exactly the same this problem won't occur. I hope this helps people who come here.   

  2. Guest22503808

     I thought the ipod touch was meant to be easy to use.

    Not only is it not easy to use but extremely annoying little gadget.


  3. Guest14781750
    i synced my ipod touch to my dads laptop now i have my own it wont sync with mine i have tried uninstakking but it doesnt work help!
  4. Guest14754042
    I bought my daughter an ipod touch and when I plugged it into my computer it synched to my iphone account. How do I remove it to add her own account?
  5. Guest10416364
    Yes, if you click it, it will remove all the music from your iPod and replace it with the music on your current iTunes library. If you want to get the music off the iPod and put it on your computer and then sync that on, try searching around on google for 'transfer music from ipod to computer' program and use that to take the music off the device and then drag it into iTunes and then sync with the new library.

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