How to turn MagicColor Demo off

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How to turn MagicColor Demo off

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  1. Sash

     To turn off the MagicColor Demo, select one of the other MagicColor functions (Full or Intelligent) that apply MagicColor to your entire screen, or turn MagicColor off entirely by selecting “Off”. You can also follow the steps that I have detailed below in order to turn off the MagicColor Demo on Samsung.
    1. Put monitor into analog mode.
    2. Hold the "return" button down for 15 seconds to reset the monitor to default settings and then access the osd menu.
    Hope this works for you.

  2. Mitchel

    If you wish to turn off the MagicColor Demo on Samsung TV, first select one of the two MagicColor functions that are Full or Intelligent, these functions apply MagicColor to the entire Samsung screen, or if you wish to turn MagicColor off entirely, that can be done by selecting Off.

  3. Guest19364240
    This on Samsung SyncMaster 730b monitor

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