How to start business in Pakistan?

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I want to know the complete process of starting a successful business in Pakistan. Can someone please guide me how can start a business here in Pakistan?

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  1. Mitchel

    Starting a business in Pakistan is pretty easy, though you must be surprised at my claim, but its true. With the emergence of online medium the tedious factor has been minused from starting a new business in Pakistan.

    First you will have to visit the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan's (SECP) website, there you will have to file your company name online. Make sure the name does not exist already by searching for your desired company name. then you will have to pay the name and registration fee on the SECP's website through your bank account.

    Second step involves the registering of company, which you can easily perform by accessing the eservices section of the SECP websites. You will get the digital signature and proof of your registeration through the SECP website after two days of your registeration. Then comes the registeration of your income tax with you national tax  number, followed by registeration of sales tax on the SECP website. then you will get a PIN code, after its attainment you will have to register for the Pakistani Professional Tax with your local tax authority. Register with the Employee Social Security Institution (ESSI). Visit the ESSI main office in Karachi to meet the registrar for new companies



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