How to set up emergency lighting in home

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How to set up emergency lighting in home

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    Setting up an emergency light at home is not a difficult task. On power outage, emergency lighting can offers a sense of security in home, so they become quite useful in emergency condition. These light works through the use of a backup battery that need electricity to recharge. To make their set up, give preference to central location of your home then follow these steps:

    1. Buy good quality emergency lights, give preference to new LED emergency light from the shops like that can save energy and your electricity bill.
    2. Remove its packaging and then turn its cover counterclockwise to unscrew it from the light fixture.
    3. Set its cover aside and place flashlight bulb into it. Mount it on the central location of your room wall.
    4. Plug the emergency light into a wall outlet.
    5. Turn off the main circuit of your house and check whether it’s running or not.

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