How to sell cell phones on eBay?

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I have some cell phone and I want to cell them on eBay! Tell me how I can sell them.

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  1. James Augustus

    You can get a good amount of money for your old mobile phones, but before spending too much time and effort into this task I recommend you to visit eBay and search for your model number to get the right price.
    You should Look at both the "buy it now" and the "auction" listings options on the ebay, this will provide you a very good idea of what your phone is worth.

    So you have planned to move forward to sell your cell phone, you will need to delete your personal data from the cell phone before doing anything else. I have provided a website link below which gives instructions for your particular make/model and carrier. It will guide you how to take your phone back to the factory default settings.

    For getting maximum cash you need to collect instruction manuals, cases (original box if you've got it), chargers, and get snaps of everything.
    Now visit the manufactures website and copy/paste the specifications of the cell phone into your listing summary. You must be sure to add all information for example model number of the cell phone, manufacturer and other pertinent information regarding your mobile phone such as "Windows Mobile", "Android", "PDA" etc.

    You need to state the following in your listing to get good price:
    Your account is in good standing and your mobile phone is not stolen. Mention that you are selling your phone because xyz....
    Further state that "The ESN would be presented to winner of the auction before making the payment"

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