How to register a company in china

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I’ve seen some potential business in China and want to set up a small company there but I don’t know how to get my company registered. Any help will be highly appreciated!

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  1. Mitchel

     Following are the specified rules to start a legal company in China:


    Check the Chinese Industrial Catalog for foreign investments. Depending on the industry, your company may be required to get a Certificate of Approval for foreign investments. Be specific when determining if your company will be required to produce additional documentation. Hire a Chinese consultant to help with discrepancies. Open a Chinese bank account for the verification process. This should take about five days.


    Obtain name approval from the Bejing Administration of Industry and Commerce. The name needs to be Chinese. Forms can be downloaded from the agency's official website. A second business registration approval is needed from the Bejing Municipal Commission of Commerce. Allow one to two weeks for approval from both government agencies.


    Register your business with Bejing Administration of Industry and Commerce. Include in your business application the name approval certificate, appointment of legal representative letter, lease contract and passport. This process should take up to one month. Ensure that all areas of the application contain valid information.


    Post registration. Obtain your company seal. The local police department provides approval. File for your tax certificate from the local or state government. Within 30 days of receiving your business license, register with the Bejing Statistics Bureau and Foreign Exchange Commission. This process could take one to two months.


    Submit a capital verification report. The local government will award you with a Financial Registration certificate.

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