How to register Uniden Dect 6.0 handset?

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I recently bought new Uniden Dect 6.0 handset and I need to know how I can register it. Your suggestions in this matter will be appreciated and also please tell about some of its features i have lost the manual instruction book.

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  1. Duke

    You have bought a good handset of Uniden having many features. It is the best Digital enhanced cordless telephone. You can register your Uniden 6.0 at "". 
    Here is the detail of its features:
    • DECT 6.0 Interference Free Cordless Telephone - 1.9 GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT6.0)
    • Digital Answering System – the Uniden Cordless Phones uses advanced microchip technology, no tapes or moving parts, to ensure clearer recordings and longer life.
    • CELL LINK / Bluetooth Connection to your Cell Phones - Home phone acts as extension for connected Bluetooth cell phones by Uniden
    • Touch Surface Interface on Base - Sophisticated base keypad operates with a light touch of each button
    • Connect and monitor for Cell Phones simultaneously - Make and / or receive calls from cell or land line calls on any cordless handset
    • Transfer up to six thousand phonebook contacts from up to 4 cell phones - 1,500 phonebook contacts per cell phone
    • Message Manager - Organizes incoming messages and Caller ID information into an easy to read list
    • Headset Jack and Belt Clip Included - 2.5mm headset jack for use with optional headset
    • ECO Mode power and battery management - Less frequent charging.

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