How to program the universal tv remote control (huayu rm-36e+) for sharp tv?

by Guest3264327  |  9 years ago

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and what is the code also?

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  1. Guest28054063

     thanks a lot dear guest 17777320 it really works 


  2. Guest28037216

    504, 660, 717

  3. Guest27202718

    code for aiwa tv??


  4. Guest22689650

    heeey thanks alot maaan, i really appreciated. it did really works , but u gotta be fast though, otherwise it wont work




  5. Guest22513750

     tq 'tina bo bena' tq v.much

  6. Guest20625672
    thx a lot man...
  7. Guest17777320
    I think this works for programming any t.v. with the Huayu Universal Remote RM-36E+. With the t.v. on, point huayu remote at the t.v. and press the TV/AV button and release. Press & hold set button until it remains lit and then release, then press the on/off button repeatedly until volume level appears on screen. Then press ok button & then set button. The light will go off. Press the tv/av button & your remote is ready to use. Tina Bo Bena

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