How to make change in NADRA ID card for date of birth?

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I have recently got a new NADRA ID card but my date of birth on NADRA card is written wrong. What is the procedure to change my dob on Nadra ID card?

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  1. Guest28435948

    main ny apny id card main ghalt date of birth lik de hai jis k waja sy main dubai nahi ja sakta Q k merii real age 5 feb 1999 hai or main ny ghaltii sy 5 feb 2001 lik de hai or es main meri age 17 year hai to mehrabanii farma kar mujy date of birth change karny ka tarika bata do.. main Kohat sy taluk rakta hun.

  2. Aquila smith

    I am also asking that How to change the Id card for the date of Birth ?

  3. Guest28070234

    i want to change my date of birth from id card according to my education certificates metric to MBA date of birth on all education certificates are 12/08/1990
    on id card 05/04/1887 can i apply for date of birth change but there is a problem that the date of birth i want to change according to certificates is 5 days difference from my little sister which is 17/08/1990 and mine is 12/08/1190 is it possible that i can change bcz i have to attest documents from hec and all education certificates dob change not possible now thanks and regards

  4. Guest27979563

    this nation soon going to be destroyed by haramee pakistani

  5. Guest27304174

    Dea Sir

               My Nadra card application was filed by my friends in Karachi when I was in the United States. The date of birth and the place of birth were given wrong to the Nadra. It is different from what I have reported to the officials in the U.S. I asked the local office of Nadra in Karachi to make necessary corrections. They have directed me to apply to the NADRA in Islamabad. 

                I am a senior citizen 80 years old currently visiting Pakistan. Now I have to obtain a new passport with necessary corrections. My correct name is Sayed Ahmed Hasan and the correct place of birth is Karachi and the correct date of birth is April 19, 1940. Please tell me how it could be corrected. I had been obtaining passport and going abroad without showing the Nadra card in the past but now after the 9/11 new restrictions have been imposed and the Nadra card has become a must for every thing. Please advise. Thanks. Ahmed Sayed            

  6. Guest27182781

    when parents or elders cvisit nadra office for child registration certificate,amazingly they dont dont ask for any valid documentary proof and whatever is told that is registered and then what is the use of birth certificate issued by hospitals and district municipal authorities,it is suggested to take a strict action to avoid these mal practises sothat every child may be known by accurate birth date,it is admitted that in beginning it was difficult but now when NADRA has institutionalised even then past mal practises are carried on .there is need for coordination between nadra and muncipal admnistration.


    younus Gujjar,Islamabad

  7. Guest24862256

    We applied for NICOP from Bahrain but by mistake my date of birth was printed wrong. They printed 19-5-1985 but my actual date of birth is 09-5-1985. i want to modify my date of birth. i have my original birt certificate of bahrain which is attested from the Embassy of Pakistan in Bahrain. I have done my Cambridge (o levels) but my date of birth is not mentioned on the certificate. Please tell me the solution to this problem. What should i do to modify my NICOP.

  8. Guest22762887

     In the NIC ,date of birth of my wife is 1978 while in  old type NIC is 1970 that is coreect ,have no metric certificate,Nikha nama & old type NIC is avilable. How I can correction please give answer in deatail. THANKS

  9. karachi guide
    Documents Required For change in Date of birth for the period of less than 3 Years: Birth Certificate Or Matric Certificate Or Service book Or Court Decree Or School leaving Certificate . and Valid Passport For More than 3 Years Or Matric Certificate Or Service Book Or Court Decree Or Valid Pakistani / Foreign Passport

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