How to make a trip to Australia successful?

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I would like to know some tips to enhance my visit to Australia. Help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Australia Guide
    Australia is a beautiful country with many natural wonders. Millions of tourists visit Australia's many attractions every year. Depending on the season, different parts of the country are better to visit during specific times of the year. I have mentioned here some of the tips that will make your trip successful: Australia is an enormous country so therefore you need to limit where you go. Decide the most noteworthy areas that you can visit during the time you have on the continent. Attend local sports events and enjoy outdoor activities. Learn the rules of the road. Go to local automotive association to get a copy of the Highway Code for any state or territory in which you plan to drive. Make train reservations well in advance. Reservations between major cities tend to be full far in advance. Also book hotels and resorts beforehand so that you get cheaper rates and ease when you land in the country.

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