How to install windows without the Cd Rom?

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My friend told me that it is possible to install windows without the CD Rom. My Cd Rom is not working and i have to reinstall the windows. Can someone tell me the procedure to install the windows without the CD rom. Regards.

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  1. Xpert

    I guess i am the one who know the exact answer
    There are two possible ways to install the Windows without the CD Rom.
    1. Through USB
    2. Through External CD Rom

    Ill recommend the first option because its the cheap way to counter the issue. But the method cant be applied on windows Xp installation
    The process is simple
    Plug the USB with your computer (First move your data from the usb)
    Open the command prompt. (to open command prompt Type CMD in RUN)

    2. List Disk
    3. Select disk 1
    4. Clean
    5. create partition primary
    6. Select partition 1
    7. Active
    8. Format Fs-NTFS
    9. Type Assign
    10. Type Exit
    Copy the windows file to USB
    Type bootsect.exe/ nt60 (usb drive name)
    Plug the usb with your computer to install windows
    Press F8 key
    Select Hardisk and move the USB option to the top using f5 or f6 key
    Restart the windows.



  2. ZZ

     well I think it is possible thou i not know that much about these things but through some external source i think you can connect the hard drive with other computer or some thing like that but there is some sort of possible way out. Now lets wait and watch if some one knows the exact answer to this query. 


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