How to improve a Business plan?

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Want to know about some tips that how can we improve our Business plan? If someone have any information about this please share it.

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  1. Business Analyst
    You can improve your chance of getting funding by looking at the document not from the investment point of view, but a more human one. • Cost – instead of looking for a fixed fee (or one time payment) see if you can be creative with the payment structure, for example, making the costs payable by quarter or be deliverable. • Performance – print out the Service Level Agreement and show how you’ve met the criteria in the SLA in previous contracts, e.g. response time, and where you’ve excelled in your performance. • Guarantees – if you’ve committed to specific targets, show where you’ve met these. If appropriate, quote communications that complimented your team’s dedication. • Value - Demonstrate where you’ve added value in other projects. This could be offering advice or sharing resources beyond what was expected of you.

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