How to get wheel rim off?

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I have a Mazda 2003 Protege. Flat tire, trying to change but I cannot get the wheel rim off .Manual says to pry off, but after an hour of trying every angle and position, the cover is not moving. I cannot see where the cover ends and the rim starts. What am I doing wrong. It cannot be this difficult.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    It seems like removing the tyre from its rim is a very easy job, but in fact it is not. Our main objective while removing tyre is to separate the tyres bead that is tucked inside the wheel s rim. There is device called bead breaker which is used to separate the tyre from its rim and in order to safely do this we have to follow a series of steps to get wheel rim off. In the conventional and old tyres there was a tyre tube which we have to keep in mind and we have to save it but in the modern day radial tyres there is no such thing to worry about since the radial tyres do not require any tube inside the tyre.
    First thing that we need to do is we have to separate the wheel and tyre from the car. It can be done by placing the car on to a plane surface and then putting a jack under the car near the wheel so that we can raise the level of the car to remove the nuts and wheels.
    After the car is raised to a proper level, then we can further loose the nuts of the tyre and also we can remove it from its location, There will be a wheel cap on the tyre that needs to be removed, or in case of alloy wheel we just need to be untight the nuts.
    The next step is to let the air out of the tyre , in case if it is not flat. Put the tyre flat on the ground and break the tyres bead off the rim as the tyre lays on the ground. Put on metal rod inside the tyre and work around the entire rim so that the rubber tyre gets off the rim. Grab the tyre by its removed lips and pull it upwards , repeat this process. And use the lever in the same way to remove the tyre.

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