How can I get out of vaccinations in the Air force (legally)?

by Guest3387  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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For all you out there that think you can't I have seen the legislation that states that you can I just need to know the name of it or get a link to it... and also if you dont want your kids vaccinated in school with all of that in the shots just go ask the front desktop a waver (the have to give it to you legally!!!) I know this cuz im in high school and my mom gos and gets one every year!

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  2. Guest1520
    If you're planning on joining the military, you HAVE to be current on all your vaccinations. It's crucial to your health and the health of others around you. Sorry to say, there's no getting out of them unless by some medical reason. High school's a tad bit different than the Air Force.
  3. Guest4754
    The threat of not getting your vaccinations is MUCH greater than the threat of vaccinations. You are placing your friends at risk. Do your research and you will find there is minimal threat from getting any standard vaccine.

    Unless you enjoy dying a painful death of a 100% preventable disease, go ahead and enjoy. Me and my children will be vaccinated.

    And no you can not get out of your vaccinations in the military. They are REQUIRED!!! So decide what is more important to you. Serving your country, or kooky ideas of threats from vaccines.
  4. Guest8956
    I am totally against vaccines and all the extra problems they add in children, however being in the military system I know for a fact my husband has to get everything updated.

    If it makes you feel any better the side effects aren't the same in adults as children and you've probably out grown alot of the issues by now, the first 5 yrs are the worst for vaccines.
  5. Guest7901
    you may avoid vaccinations in school, but there is a whole different set of rules in regards american military.
  6. Guest3123
    some you cannot get out of, period,. some you can only get out of if you are allergic to the components they use to vaccinate.

    the military is NOT subject to civilian federal Law. if they say you need the Anthrax shot.. then you get it, or get an AR 15 for failure to obey a lawful order and get kicked out. if you do not have the required immunizations that every kid should have ..they WILL give them to you at Basic training if not require you to get them before hand.

  7. Guest3026
    My state no shots for school no public school, you have to home school.

    For Military there were some issues about anthrax, but you will have to get shots in basic. If that is a problem don't enlist.
  8. Guest6853
    Well, seeing legislation and actually going through the vaccination line in boot camp are two different things. You don't have time to think in that environment, and you don't have a voice that anyone will listen to. If they do listen, you will have a tough time getting through.

    If you want to bring legal battles to the military, you are going to resent the day you signed up, or they are just going to kick you out.

    Maybe you should just avoid the military. Doesn't sound like you have the right state of mind for it. The right state of mind would be "one for all" not "all for one" Besides, do you really want to die from a smallpox attack or be the cause of a pandemic?

    Good luck.
  9. Guest7773
    To my knowledge the only way to opt out of vaccination in the military is not to join. Military service is not are volunteering...and by doing so agree to follow all the rules and requirements there in. Schools have allowed families to sign waivers for vaccinations, but it is starting to get harder to do in many states. Many won't allow families to forgo them unless they have documented proof of a medical condition that makes the vaccinations a health risk (most of these conditions would automatically disqualify you from service) or religous beliefs (documented) that precludes medical treatment (something the military can not garuntee to follow). Since military members travel frequently, they are often exsposed to diseases that, if not prevented, have the potential to cause contagian issues if the member brought them back to the is a community precation as well as an individaul one. The military must think of the unit as well as the individual, so if you refuse vaccinations, you are putting the others around you are higher risk, which can effect the groups abilitiy to carry out the mission. There have been temporary waivers allowed for things like the antrhax vaccination, but in the end if you serve you will have to meet all the health requirements..and being current on vaccinations is one. However, the best place to get information is not going to be here, but from your local recruiter...he can tell you what the current regs are and if any waivers are avaialable.
  10. Guest8058
    Legally there is no way to do so. The only vaccinations that you can refuse are those that are in the experimental phase. Sometimes the military asks for a waiver of those to attempt to provide better protection to the troops. However the troops must consent to the vaccination. Any vaccination that has been listed by the FDA as Safe & Effective cannot be refused by military personnel. Well, OK, they can be if you're OK with the chances of being prosecuted for disobeying a lawful order.

    As far as getting waivers for mandated vaccinations in the school systems, that's a local issue not an Air Force issue. Some school districts allow informed consent waivers to some (but not all) vaccinations while others do not.
  11. Guest8046
    You need to get your vaccinations. It isn't just for your safety, but for the well being of others. If you are allergic to certain things, you won't have to take them. Eggs for Flu, but now they have a inhaled version, had eczema for small pox, far as a legislation, if that is true, I wouldn't of had friends put out for refusing shots, but maybe they just were not educated...let me know when you "figure out" where this legislation is.

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