How to get my weights on my grandfather unstuck

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How to get my weights on my grandfather unstuck

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  1. Guest14918168
    NO this is a Tempus Fugit clock with three hanging weights and the the two chime weights are stuck because they were pulled up too high.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Generally it is a floor clock that is a little smaller than a tall grandfather clock. By your brief description I would suspect that yours might be an Asian 31 day clock, probably a wall or possibly a mantel clock. If you try turning the keys in the direction of the arrows and it won't move, the mainsprings are fully wound. The winding hole on the right is usually for the running and the one on the left is for the strike. As I am not sure about the origin of the manufacturer, I can't be sure of the method for correcting the strike. On some clocks, the solution would be that when the clock struck the hour, remove the minute hand and replace it pointing to the 12 and slip the hour hand to the hour that it struck. I might need a digital of the front of the clock and one of the movement to be confirm the way to set the strike sequence. On some clocks the minute hand can be moved just past the half hour point, and when it starts striking, move it just past the hour. What this does is to have the clock finish striking the hour with the hand just past the hour point. After this is done, move the minute hand just past the half hour to confirm the one strike, and then just past the hour to check the strike count. If the count does not match that hour that the hour hand is pointing to, many clock can be corrected by slipping the hour hand to the proper hour that it just struck. On most Asian clocks the hour hand does not actually slip, but moves the striking count mechanism to the proper point

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