How to get moshling without seeds on moshi monsters?

by Guest22548513  |  9 years ago

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A friend told me that we can get moshlings without seeds. Someone tell me the tips to get moshinlings on moshi monsters without seeds. Does anyone know that?

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  1. Guest28067398

    Well now you can be super moshi monsters and save moshlings then you can choose if you want to keep them or not, but most of the levels you have to do are only for paying members.

    Hope that helps, (moshi monster username) ravenmusic101

  2. lyls98


  3. Guest24930197

    It is extemely impossible to get moshlings without seeds CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guest23101010

    btw my password for the moshi thing was gap so it changes all the time

    btw my name is tillybeth10 on moshimonsters and i will never give out my pass

    Humphery- berrie, star, apple

    Shelby-dragon, bean, dragon ( black )

    I.G.G.Y- daisy ( purple ) , daisy ( purple ) , moon ( black )


  5. Guest23052916

     Ummm.... u can only be a super moshi if u are a member. Also, the code always changes. like for me, it was HAT

  6. Guest22920905

    yo my name on moshi monsters i s archiebult to get roxy whun u sighn in under ur password box in that box type in HOBBIDIDANCE then sighn in. once u have have logged in go t ur garden there the code u have typed in should have given u the raidaim roxy rose plant it with 2 other seeds. THATS HOW U GET ROXY

    to get lady googoo and wurly yu need membership if u be friends with me ill get u free membership i need ur pass though

  7. Guest22726787

    u cant get normal moshlings without seeds but if u r a moshi member u can do the 2 super moshi missions 2 get lady googoo and wurley (the code 2 become a super moshi is pie) and to get roxy in the secret code box below the password box type in HOBBIDIDANCE in capitals

  8. Guest22612488

     Btw; this is for members only!!!! 1. go to moshling zoo (in ur room) 2. select a moshiling u want

    ADD ME IM LILA696 on moshi monsters (if u go on)

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