How to get dual citizenship of Philippines and USA?

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My parents are from Philippines and we were settled in USA a few years ago. What I want to know is that how to get the dual citizenship of Philippines and USA. Someone please help me for this.

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  1. Duke

     You can get the dual citizenship of Philippines and USA if:
    • US citizens by birth who had at least one Filipino citizen parent at time of birth will be automatically of dual citizenship. The parents (or thechild if parents are deceased) will deficiency to file a report of overseas birth at a Philippine consulate.
    • naturalized US citizens who were earlier Filipino citizens can request to reacquire Philippine citizenship, consequently becoming dual citizens. You have to take a "reacquisition oath" at a Philippine consulate. The Philippines honors the US citizenship oath that relinquishes all foreign citizenship, and thus you are not a Filipino citizen during the time between US naturalization and the reacquisition oath.
    • US/Filipino dual citizens have all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in both places, with the exception of the right to consular protections after in the US/Philippines.
    • This includes voting rights in both places, unlimited visa-free stay in both places, and the right to pay for Philippine real estate.
    • As a US citizen, you must compensate US taxes on your income
    • As a Filipino citizen, you can have the OFW exemption and simply have to pay Philippine taxes on Philippine-sourced profits if you live outside of Philippines. This exemption is a recent law modification, and there is the danger of this law being repealed (requiring taxation on global income) after a new administration takes office.
    • The US doesn't recognize the dual citizenship, so you must enter and leave the US on a US passport alone. To prevent delays, it is easiest to never cite Philippine citizenship at all during entry (unless overtly asked).

  2. Guest23332562

    You don't ..go back to the Philippines where you belong.

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